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  1. Yup I can share the module, you can also use reshade for inserting bezels as well if you struggle with RL because I know it can be a fickle beast. Altho I have never tried using Reshade for bezels, it was just suggested to me the other day. http://www.rlauncher.com/showthread.php?6789-Xemu-module MEmu := "Xemu" MEmuV := "v0.6.0" MURL := ["https://xemu.app/"] MAuthor := ["emual"] MVersion := "1.0.0" MCRC := "" iCRC := "" MID := "" MSystem := ["Microsoft Xbox"] ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Notes: ; The module is able to launch ISO games. ; ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- StartModule() BezelGUI() FadeInStart() primaryExe := new Emulator(emuPath . "" . executable) ; instantiate emulator executable object primaryWindowClassName := "SDL_app" emuPrimaryWindow := new Window(new WindowTitle("xemu",primaryWindowClassName)) ; instantiate primary emulator window object Fullscreen := moduleIni.Read("Settings", "Fullscreen","true",,1) hideEmuObj := Object(emuPrimaryWindow,1) 7z(romPath, romName, romExtension, sevenZExtractPath) BezelStart() HideAppStart(hideEmuObj,hideEmu) If (Fullscreen = "true") primaryExe.Run(" -full-screen -dvd_path """ . romPath . "" . romName . romExtension . """") Else primaryExe.Run(" -dvd_path """ . romPath . "" . romName . romExtension . """") emuPrimaryWindow.Wait() emuPrimaryWindow.WaitActive() BezelDraw() HideAppEnd(hideEmuObj,hideEmu) FadeInExit() primaryExe.Process("WaitClose") BezelExit() FadeOutExit() ExitModule() CloseProcess: FadeOutStart() emuPrimaryWindow.Close() Return
  2. So i have spent the day importing a number of exclusive OG Xbox titles into LB, i had to collect 90% of the videos manually and slightly tweak the unofficial xbox module for RL to make the bezel work correctly. But all done now and pretty happy with how it came out.
  3. Here is a look at my current Emulation PC setup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKkAtCtfmUA This is a project that i have been working on in the background for many years now, slowly building my library and forever tweaking the visuals and emulation settings of many systems. Time Stamps are in the description so you can jump to whatever system interest you. This is my emulation PC running the BigBox frontend with a slightly tweaked "Colorful- Dark" theme. PC Spec's: CPU: Xeon 1281v3 @ 4.1GHz all cores 4c/8t GPU: mini RTX 2060 Ram: 8GB DDR3 ( Soon to be 16GB ) Mobo: Mini itx Asus h97i-plus PSU: SFX 650wat Silverstone Case: modified Lian Li tu-100 CPU Cooler: Crosair 120mm AIO HDD: 2.5" 2TB x 2 - 2.25" 1TB x2 SSD: M.2 500GB
  4. ** update ok.. unsure how but i fixed it.** All right, so i was trying to fix the platform Windows colour problem i was having so i went into the COLORFUL_Styles.xaml and added the windows line <SolidColorBrush x:Key="windows Color" Color="#349EC8"/> unfortunately i made a typo and the theme view crashed and went back to default BB. So i found my typo and fixed it but still had the theme crashing so i did a complete fresh install of the theme but still had the theme crashing. this is now the error i am getting with this them. What have i done wrong and why wouldnt a fresh install of the Theme fix the issue?
  5. Another great Theme and Stream @faeran. How would I go about using Platform fanart instead of game fan art for the Platform backgrounds?
  6. I had these bezels a while ago but lost them recently, tried so hard to find them again but had no luck, so thanks for the upload
  7. I have naomi, DC, and Atomiswave games working with flycast thru retroarch. I can let you know my setup when I get home from work if you haven't found an answer already.
  8. Welcome to my Smallish (PC) Large (Collection) BigBox setup *Note: the shaders i use do not look anything like what they do in the video they are much better IRL. *Since the video is so long and there is no way anyone would sit down for an hour to watch it so i decided to time stamp most my platforms so you can jump straight to each platform for a quick look see, i also included time stamps for launching the game so viewers could quickly look at each bezel i use for each system. *I have also time stamped the new Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and the original Crash 3 for comparison sake if anyone is interested. ( at bottom of time stamps ) *Here is my current setup that uses 3 different themes Platforms theme - Editorial Noir Games theme - Coverbox Missing Coverbox systems replaced with Unified 1.2 https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/1080-unified/
  9. Hi, I'm currently streaming my setup if anyone is interested in checking it out. http://www.twitch.tv/retroarma
  10. A HA! fixed it, had to put this in the Auto hotkey script $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  11. i did notice that my mame and mame neogeocd are shown differently on the task manager. EDIT: Hhhmm but can not seam to recreate that now. Anyway I tried pointing my MAME NeoGeoCD emulator to my standard Mame.exe and yea still the same problem so it's not a setting in my mame emulator that does it.... hmmmm
  12. So due to Neo CD games requiring quotes and file name only for the games to boot with mame via LB i have made 2 MAME emulators like in the images i have attached, but unfortuantly for some reason BB/LB can not close MAME, even controller companion ( a programe like xpadder ) can not close it. but pushing ESC on the keyboard does. Am i missing something here?? EDIT: Sorry that Mame NeoGeoCD image was wrong.
  13. Nice, I have an 8bitdo n30 pro controller that is great build quality and good paird with my phone but it's to small for long play session's. Might look into that sn30 and see what ppl think.
  14. So I'm pretty happy with my build and i might actually start sitting down and put some hours into playing on my setup. I've always just used a standard xbox 360 controller but I feel like upgrading it. What do people recommend?? X1 controller or something from 8bitdo or retrobit??
  15. On my setup I have found that Retroarch will crash/lockup when I unlock a retroachiements on the ps1. Does anyone else have this issue?? Beetle PSX HW .9.44 or something it's the latest one RA 1.8.5
  16. In LB ctrl + left click on the "yourgamev.1" then ctrl + left click on version 2 of the game you want to combine, then right click on the game and there should be a option to combine the selected titles.
  17. Yup, this is pretty much what I'll be doing for a day or two to get my games that are missing art all fixed up.
  18. I was on .175 or something for some time, was recently looking at getting an updated set but decided against it.... then my HDD died and I lost half my setup... a week later I'm back with everything setup with more games and a much cleaner build. If it wasnt for my HDD crashing and having this "covid 19" free time on my hands I wouldn't have updated but now I have and it was most definitely worth it.
  19. i have also noticed that LB/BB does not close properly which makes it hard to delete images unless you force close it. @faerani, i want to create a some fan art backgrounds for a few systems, you wouldnt know what the font is on the top right corner of the current backgrounds that where made by chicuelo/nil06 over on the retropie page would you?? Edit: Think i found it with the help of What the Font, here are a few other systems if anyone wants them. capcom play system II capcom play system III capcom play system Sega Model 2 Sega Model 3
  20. First off im not very good at explaining things nor do i very often contribute to the LB forums since my typing skills are horrifying painful, but while i have some covid 19 down time i thought i might try contribute just a little. BB can crash if you open the pause menu & manual while the BB start up screen is still running - so i have my BB start up screen set for 30secs b/coz some titles that have to cache shaders or load textures take a while to boot especially on the 1st system start up. I found that some of my systems that boot up to full-screen quickly override the 30sec start up screen but it still runs in the background, and then if i open the pause screen and browse a manual b4 the " in background " startup screen finishes it can crash BB. Its not a big issue but thought it may be worth pointing out. Also found that binding volume or manual/pdf zoom to right Analog stick can cause issues with the pen support for RA for DS titles. - so i bound my volume to left and right on my Right Analog stick and PDF zoom to up and down on my Right Analog stick aswell, unfortunately this must stay bound while in game for RA in the DS & Mupen core ( yet to test others ) as when i went to move the "DS emulated pen" with my right Analog stick it would also put my system into an almost like slow motion or half speed state. i then also tried other systems thru RA like Mupen64+ and the same thing happened so i unbound my BB volume and PDF zoom from the right stick and all went back to normal. now its also not a big issue but thought it may be worth pointing out. Also having issues with startup screens and Rocket Launcher but im not to worried about that as i have almost phased out RL for my build..... just need bezel support for some standalone emulators and i would be sorted * hint * hint
  21. would i be correct in saying this feature is only available for mame .194 ??
  22. I have just recently cut RL out of my system apart from for Dolphin/gamecube,ps2 dreamcast.
  23. For example ( as what i found on the interwebs ) 490x355 At least that's what the game reports. Very odd resolution. 640x474. One of the few games that actually runs at 640x480. 400x440, like all Factor 5 games. 640x222 or 448x268 depending on region. A wide variety of resolutions scene-to-scene, but not 640x480. Also 400x440 Can't remember what this one runs at. Factor 5 didn't make it. 480x360 480x360 in High Resolution mode. Using the MAX_RESOLUTION cheat will allow you to run the game at 640x480, but the performance is atrocious. Bit misunderstood, this one. Jumps around a bit in the menus, but the ingame framebuffer resolution is always 320x238, even in letterboxed mode.""
  24. Ok so I want to bulk edit my n64 games scaling in retroarch to fit my custom bezzels and I thought if I could get my n64 games separated into there own "resolution" folder I could do my scaling adjustment in retroarch and then "save content directory override" so I could bulk adjust many games that have the same resolution at once. Now does anybody know of a list somewhere that states all the n64 resolutions?
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