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  1. When im not Retro gaming I Like to play some AAA titles and create the odd montage of said titles... here is what ive done so far, if anyones interested. work in progress
  2. There's the intro, its not my work like i have stated in the description. Edit: here is another intro that i have tweaked from its original source, original file is not my work i have just added my own touch to it.
  3. FightCade Intro View File This is not my work I do not remember where or who i got this video off, it has been sitting on my PC for some time now and i thought others may enjoy using it. If you know who created it let me know so i can credit them for there work. Submitter Mute64 Submitted 07/22/2017 Category Big Box Startup Videos  
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This is not my work I do not remember where or who i got this video off, it has been sitting on my PC for some time now and i thought others may enjoy using it. If you know who created it let me know so i can credit them for there work.
  5. Yea i do believe it is much harder to hide stuff like that on Win 10... you might have more luck on win 7 tho? Edit: Haven't been home yet to share the video/batch file.. ill do it ronight probably tho.
  6. Yea sure, ill do it when im home from work in 10+ hours.
  7. Thats as far as i got, i have my custom bios boot screen then i have an arcade style login background with an arcade stlye login icon that you only see for a very short time that then boots my custom batch file ive created that launches my video intro screen wich hides my other programs that bootup in the background while its playing... its all pretty seamless and to the standard person it looks like im not running windows. Here is a a video of it in action ( after the videos intro) bear in mind this video is a pretty old setup and i have fine tuned it more since And here is one i did for a fight cab for a mate, altho i think i used windows 7, could have still done with a bit more work but he was happy, apologies for the average recording
  8. Yea i have a AIO 120mm in the front of it.. love the portability of it.
  9. I have a Portable Arcade Machine aka PAM, did a write up on it last year some time so i have done alot more work on it since then. It great for taking around to a mates, everything i need fits into my backpack.
  10. You could also symbolic link your roms folder as well, i had to move my whole launchbox setup off the root of my hdd into a subfolder called LaunchBox because launchbox would not self update/install the update if it was on the root of my drive and if i just up n moved my LaunchBox/rocketlauncher setup alot of my directory links would have been broken.... so symbolic links to the rescue....... waiting for the day when it all goes tits up and somethings break lol.... lets hope it doesn't happen.
  11. Thanks levo, a handy tool indeed. Im glad someone did a write up on it, it can be used in so many ways too.
  12. I use symbolic link to move my cache to an ssd. Just my 2 cents while i have 2 mins to say something
  13. Im just glad i got my RL setup the way i like it while i had the time todo it...... before i got so busy that the only time to respond to the odd forum post is at 230am when i wake up thinking about shit i forgot todo at work and can not get back to sleep. I read so many problems and issues on here that i could help out with but never have the time to write up an explanation.
  14. Tell me bout it... ive brought this issue up before on the RL forums with no response.... its an aplication that really needs to look more than 1 directory deep if it wants to deal with emulators... it infuriates me.
  15. Got an email today...... you have 15 items on your steam wishlist for sale...... GTFO
  16. Short awsner is use symbolic links, for example, i am in the same situation as you but instead of making multiple directories in RL i only make one per platform now...... so for each platform i just do a search for that platforms file type like .pbp and then i symlink all those roms and put them in one Roms directory folder. Make sense???? Its like 230am.... Here is the link to the symlink tool i use http://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/linkshellextension.html
  17. I know how to fix the 1 directory deep issue if you are still interested
  18. Thanks for replying brad, i hardly have time to write a comment on these forums let alone find links n paste them in.
  19. There are also other ways to make it boot before windows explorer ( as a skin ) so it does not even look like you are running Windows.
  20. I use sweetfx and reshade on a few games just to "pop" those colours a bit more on my dull tn panel...
  21. It would be good to set a custom value for the " loading game " txt that pops up since on first boot up of a game/emulator it can take l9nger than usal to boot and the loading game txt disappears before the game launches....
  22. I thought LB cache and BB cache were two separate cache?
  23. Go to your plugins and right click the .dll plugins,go to properties and tick the unblock box then try again.
  24. Awesome work Nosh, once there are a few more banners made up i might switch to this theme, oh and also i find that on ine of the views the "screen shot/fan art image" cover a good majority of the video while i really like that view the image kind of ruins it for me, any way to disable that image?
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