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    snk emulation

    I have separated my SNK set from my mame set as well... and yea i prefer using mame over most other options.
  2. So far i just have the one game Super Smash Bro for the wii u, while not perfect it's playable.. but its more there to show off to friends lol. Edit: oh also ive been using the 3DO clear logo for my 3DNES section....... anychance you would like to make a 3DS clear logo?? No worries if you dont want to.
  3. Oooolll a MAME one.... i can get rid of my Arcade one now.... is there a wìi u or Nintendo DS one yet... thats the last two i need for my collection; ) Just checked the1st page n yea sweet there's a Nintendo DS one cheers
  4. Here is an example of when sym link are great. So ive moved my LB setup to a new HDD and my setup is in the ROOT or main directory of the new HDD unfortunately i did not know at the time that LB can not update itself if its installed on the main Directory/Root of the drive. Now o didn't want to move all my files n folder because then i would have broken links/directories for Rockstarlauncher and LaunchBox.... so what i did was yea ended up moving my folders and files to a new folder 1 Deep in the new HDD directory and then i symbolic linked all the file's and folders back to the main directory... so now launchbox launches from a different directory but still thinks all the files n folders are were they use to be but infact they have been moved and Rocketlaunchers Directories are also all good now too... and thats just one example of how symlinks have saved my arse lol
  5. Name: Another BigBox Demostration Category: Demos Date Added: 2016-08-31 Submitter: Mute64 Just made a quick simple video demonstrating of my BigBox setup for my friends that want me to set it up on there PC's before i move country, and yes i will have them purchase a BigBox license. Anyhow thought you guys may be interested in taking a look at it. Still a couple bugs here n there that ive since ironed out. https://youtu.be/1MrcE4ozVFw?t=1816 I have also added a category for Websites/Youtube so with a click of a button it opens chrome in Kiosk mode Fullscreen Borderless so you dont even know you are using Chrome... unfortunately shadowplay doesn't record chrome in Kiosk mode so i can not show you how it looks.... but this is how it looks when i open for example Simply Austins YT Page https://www.youtube.com/tv#/browse-sets?c=UCb4RFFBZEztOW77onViqoDA&resume Another BigBox Demostration
  6. Here is a tip, i watch people like Metal Jesus Rocks and other retro YT channels that list top tens and Hidden Gems for each system...they usally explain to you what the game is and how it plays and from there i choose if i should get that game for my collection.... but dont het me wrong i have full sets of those smaller in data size systems but when it come to larger data size system these youtubers come in handy when trying to find out what games to get.... specially when its a system i have not played b4.. like currently the dreamcast i am working on.
  7. Discord is great, so you know your way around it? Like i know how to setup a server but as for creating and managing channels and admin stuff im a bit clueless about that.
  8. Sym links are a god send and can solve alot of issue's sometimes....
  9. It isn't existing yet but if there is enuff interest i could quickly whip one up
  10. Anyone interested in creating a Launchbox discord server?
  11. I was literally gearing my self up to start work on ssf... am i better to just wait for this Mednafen RA core?
  12. Yup you sure can do that.... i have done it my self... ill do a quick tutorial on how to do it when i get time...
  13. https://dirlinker.codeplex.com this is one program i use and also this great extension that you can embed into windows http://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/linkshellextension.html Both are great and a very simple way to create Symbolic links.
  14. I too use symbolic links for alot of stuff with launchbox and RLauncher.. there are some great tools out there to help you easily create Symbolic links.
  15. You still want to here the way i do it? Its pretty much the " manual " way compared to the programe lordmonkus suggested. By the way @Jason Carr the new attract mode is awsome! ... ive had one crash so far when watching attract mode with VLC... and im testing now with WMP, so far no crash.
  16. Will point you in the right direction when im home from work.
  17. I have, you never see windows in my build unless you want to.
  18. While source is ok its just not the original 007... as for the XBLA remake now that would have been gold...... ive been waiting a lonnnggg time for it to slip thru the cracks and be leaked and then one day hopefully emulated on the pc... i had PerfectDark XBLA booted up on the xbox emulator the other day unfortunately its not that playable but it was still cool to be able to boot it up on my PC.. just waiting for that day when its fully playable.
  19. Pretty much exactly what i had todo with my mame collection aswell.. and also ditto on having a break from VLC
  20. " Opened back up, flipped through wheels real quick - into and out of platforms - all real quick - at some point one of the platform video previews (I use random videos that BB selects as platform videos) got stuck and audio keeps playing in the background. Whenever I switch to another platform/game - a new one will start playing but the old audio keeps looping through the 30 second video in the background. I kept flipping through in and out - right now I have what sounds like 3 videos worth of audio playing in the background (something from n64, something from psx and something from DC) at the same time. The 4th video for whatever I'm currently selecting will start to play and have no issues looping. " This also happened to me aswell.
  21. No error msg unfortunately, i couldn't replicate it either... so im not sure what caused it.. ill try again tomorrow and see if i get any crashes while using VLC.
  22. I have been testing 6.8 Beta 11 now that i have found a temporary way around my updating problem. I have also been testing the VLC video option as well.. ive had 2 crashes in BigBox tonight, but im not sure what is causing it... possibly VLC?? I do some more testing and ill try to recreate the crash again, if it crashes again ill swap video players and see if i can get it to crash.. n if it doesn't i geuss that could meen it maybe caused by VLC.
  23. here is the error if you are interested @Jason Carr i dont know how you have time to reply to so many people and work on LB at the same time lol, just a machine
  24. For a one man Dev team ( i think ) he preforms wonders, and same goes for Brad and Kristen on the tutorials and media side of things.
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