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  1. Still not able to log in via the Android app as is. Will try some more trouble shooting. Edit: Additional Steps Taken. Changed LB Forums password Uninstalled Tapatalk, reinstalled. Did not sign into Tapatalk, loaded LB Forums, attempted to sign in got a error that was just a string of letters and numbers vs. when signed into Tapatalk I will get a unknown network error has occurred. Attempted again by signing into my Tapatalk, un-followed LB Forums, re-followed, attempted to sign in and got same error message unknown network error as originally posted. Things I could have tried but didn't yet: Restart my phone in between each step. Attempting on a Android Device that I have not used with Tapatalk before.
  2. It is unfortunate because I dont have the time otherwise to use the main website, so I am missing out on a lot of stuff right now.
  3. Thank you Neil9000 I have been wanting a way to stream my games and Moonlight is just awesome.
  4. I had the same error just a minute ago, with different forum but tried again and it let me in so not sure now.
  5. It seems to be Tapatalk wide now.
  6. I just signed out and tried signing back in and it is a no go. Another error. Unfollowed LB, signed out of Tapatalk, resigned into Tapatalk, readded LB and still a no go getting a network error yet.
  7. Thank You, I am going to just remove LB forums and re-add then
  8. I don't know if this is just on my side on my Android phone or if anyone else is having issue. I haven't removed anything yet, hoping I don't have to reset it all.
  9. I was having some issues but some prior to and after Beta 5, but with other themes so unrelated I guess. Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  10. Is it any specific themes are all of them? Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  11. Looks Great, but getting some errors only in specific views below, platform doesn't matter. Also images are getting cut here, that might be my issue not sure if something else should be showing instead of the logo again. Thanks in advanced.
  12. I have the Arcade ones in the newest MAME, but also do have a packaged FBA for just Metal Slug, I downloaded from somewhere. Also checkout my PlayLists for MS that are linked above.
  13. That is so awesome, and you did it quick too. Thank you.. [emoji3] Sent from my Z987 using Tapatalk
  14. That looks great, I appreciate anything that anyone would be willing to do. [emoji2] Sent from my Z987 using Tapatalk
  15. I had this issue as well, Thanks for figuring it out, Love the Theme.
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