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  1. Thank you Monkus! This saved me!
  2. You guys are awesome! Thank you again for all the assistance. Cheers
  3. @neil9000 I cannot thank you enough!!! This is exactly what I was looking for and what I wanted. Truly, thank you. My apologies also for assuming something erroneous. You see, I come from hyperspin and in hyperspin, this is composed by a series of images with one area for the video. Your instructions are clear and concise. Thank you!
  4. I am sorry but what you mention is correct but not addressing the issue. As you can see from the video, the platform/playlist plays in the area designated for the video and you have static art around it, the mario character, the console image and the system/platform name. At this point, I do not have anything in my screen except a full screen video like @denmiclaw described. What I wish to have is exactly as shown in the theme video and not the full screen video. I am posting a few prnt scrns below of my current setup. Thank you, I know you are trying to help, and I deeply appreciate and, I apologize in advance if I am not being clear enough.
  5. Thanks for your replies and for trying to help. Maybe I was too detailed in my description. Let me say that inside each system/platform the view is as I want and as expected from what we all can see in the video of the theme For the systems/platforms I want it the same way as you can see in the first 30 seconds of the video, basically what I want is to view each system as shown in the attached image (this is a prnt scrn from the theme video as well). What I have now is exactly what @denmiclaw described "Platform View 1 is a full screen video with scrolling text (details about the platform scroll along the bottom) Platform View 2 is full screen video without this scrolling text". Do you know how to set it up so that I can see each system/platform view like in the video/attached image? Thanks again
  6. I found an issue when trying to setup this theme and I was wondering if someone could help me. I migrated from hyperspin to launchbox because hyperspin was a pain to setup. I love launchbox and I will never go back. However, when I saw that this theme is available I was ecstatic. The issue I am having is that I do not see any of these two options in my options -> views Platform Vertical Wheel View 1: Fullscreen video + scrolling text Platform Vertical Wheel View 2: Fullscreen video without scrolling text For 'platforms list view' I only have 'Platform wheel' 1 to 4 (not vertical wheel) and 'text list with details'. As a result, the theme works exactly like the youtube video example inside each platform but I am unable to properly set up the view for the systems where I can only use a similar to the default view ('text list with details') or a full screen video. I went through the instructions carefully, several times, and in detail but still cannot find the issue. I have been at this for almost 4 hours. Could someone please help? I am running the latest version of Big Box v8.9 and I also am a premium Emumovies subscriber. I do not know if you need any config file to assist me in this matter, however if needed be I will gladly provide whatever required. I thank you all in advance. Kind regards
    The theme is amazing and I realized I asked for help in the wrong place... Moved to "Get Support". Congratulations for such an amazing work.
  7. Jason, thank you so much for LaunchBox. And thank you for the Friday video tutorials. Happy holidays!
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