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  1. I used the VLC compressor for this. Some starting settings can be found here: https://lifehacker.com/how-to-fix-movies-that-are-really-quiet-then-really-lo-5920290 Mine are quite different because I try to maintain a consistent volume between Big Box, Spotify & Kodi. (also running a system-wide multiband compressor on top).
  2. Bringing this topic back from the dead: I'm having an issue where LB will not autoplay WebM files. I am using VLC as the player (+ have k-lite installed). If I doubleclick the 'video area' in LB, the video will launch fine with VLC externally. Renaming the file to .mp4 fixes the issue, but I'd prefer not to take this extra step every time I scrape a WebM video! Is there some way to solve this without having to rename the file?
  3. I would also love this feature. I just discovered the Steam Scraper plugin, which can help do this manually. However, it would be better if this functionality was somehow integrated into Launchbox's auto scraper.
  4. I was having the same issue, which is what prompted me to comment here. I'm a bit confused. If the context menu only says "add new images to", are we supposed to choose that if we only change something else? I mainly downloaded this plugin to add additional genres/max player info without having to deal with the db website.
  5. Friendly bump wondering if this will be updated for current builds?
  6. Just a quick thanks for making this theme, it's basically everything I could ever want! I downloaded a few themes from the new Theme Manager but I love this one so much, I didn't even bother checking out the others. Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to make this theme what it is! Looking forward to the update when it reaches the Theme Manager.
  7. Update: I removed the Cortana search bar and it's much better now! You only see a shorter flash when first launching the add-on. Before, you would see the longer line flash on three occasions: 1) launching add-on before startup video 2) between startup video and Big Box launch 3) after Big Box exit, before Kodi relaunch Now it's only seen the first time, and less visible. I think this is as good as it will get.
  8. It's still an improvement from before, thanks again. Taskbar was already set to black, but yeah I'll switch to regular Kodi if I get too annoyed by it.
  9. Cursor issue fixed! Taskbar flash still exists, but if I understand correctly, you didn't change anything there.
  10. Understood, thanks so much for your contribution! If I get bothered enough by the look, I'll switch from UWA to the normal install.
  11. Flashing is still there, but the busy cursor/mouse pointer behavior is actually better. Now the cursor only flashes in the top right at the same moment/length as the taskbar.
  12. @CoinTos Wow thanks, it's almost perfect! I enabled the new setting and the userscript updated. It's much improved, but there is still a flicker of the taskbar starting to draw before it cuts out (like a flash of a horizontal line at the bottom of the screen). Is there any way to make it hide earlier?
  13. @CoinTos I began to use startup videos, and I'm now seeing the taskbar and mouse pointer for a moment on launch and exit. I'm using the UWA version of Kodi, I wonder if this has something to do with it? I had auto updates checked in LB, but have now disabled that and re-installed your add-on after reading your warning. I double checked the AHK script in my external directory and the version in your latest .zip and they appear to be the same. Anything I could be doing wrong?
  14. Working fine here, thanks so much @CoinTos!
  15. @CoinTos has apparently not been active for over a year on this forum. Perhaps someone else might be interested in adapting the addon for Kodi 18? This addon was actually the reason I decided to pay for a LB license, it would be a shame for this addon to cease being useful now that Kodi 18 is in regular use.
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