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  1. Oh it does work...I use it for the same thing lol
  2. https://github.com/briankendall/devreorder
  3. Check out the 8bitdo DIY kits, I modded an original Snes, nes and Genesis pad to blutooth. Nothing like using an original controller. https://shop.8bitdo.com/ I use an original Gamecube wireless wave bird controller coupled with the mayflash gamecube adapter http://www.mayflash.com/Products/NINTENDOWiiU/W012.html I wan to use as many original controllers as possible but I want them to be wireless For N64 I use this http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2016/12/hardware_review_retro-bit_x_8bitdo_rb8-64_bluetooth_controller Not an original but as close to wireless one as I can get without modding one myself
  4. This is precisely what I want to do lol
  5. Are we ever going to get the ability to hide platforms? I'm pretty sure this has been requested a few times over the last 2 years lol
  6. Looks nice except the background is slightly slanted
  7. If it helps here is a list of my games (1703) PSX.txt
  8. Sorry to be a pain but any chance of a Microsoft MSX2+ and a Amber Pegesus theme? Thanks
  9. Is it possible to get a full video view with the vertical wheel for arcade?
  10. Can I request FM Towns (as in the computer not the console FM Marty) in 4x3
  11. it has nothing to do with the media, Snes and Super Famicom have the same media but are seperated out. Tg16 and PCE have the same media, PCECD and TGCD have the same media, hell even the genesis and 32X have the same media i.e. cartridges etc. The reason why they are split is because they all have HUGE libraries of game (in the 100's) that were not localised for the west so to some its almost like a seperate system entirely. Most of the Sega Cd library are NOT ports of Genesis games, the Streets of rage you just posted was a Sega Classics COMPLIATION disc of genesis games, they are not supposed to be updated or different from the genesis originals. It didn't matter what media a dos game came on, it woud still work on Dos. However a Sega CD game requires a Sega CD, a genesis will not run the game. Ports of the same game on different systems is irrelevant anyway as most third party games end up on multiple systems. What would you suggest? Merging the snes and genesis since they share a few hundred games?
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