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  1. Awesome work as always guys!
    This is awesome! It's my go-to theme for all platforms now.
    Love this! It's my 'go to' theme on my Pi and now on Launchbox. Awesome work Filipe.
  2. Platform select screen still seems to be unsorted plus I'm having font issues on the game match screen.
  3. Great idea for a plugin and it's looking good so far. The one issue i'm having with it at the momemt is that that the listbox is too small so I can't read all of the game titles. Going full screen with the window doesn't make a difference as nothing resizes with it. If you can get that sorted, I can see me using this all the time.
  4. I'd love the option to just press a key in bigbox to delete the currently selected game from my games list. I'd find it so much easier to whittle down my games list if I could startup a game, realise it was not my thing and then quickly delete it from my queue. in bigbox, map the 'mark as favorite' to a key or joypad button rather than go into the details page and selecting it from there. the option to have a 'no-image.png' for each platform that replaces the current 'no image' default graphic. If any of these have already been implemented and past me by, please let me know.
  5. Just setup a couple of .swf files and used dummy.exe as my emulator. All seemed to work great and the games started up and played correctly. The one thing I would ask for is use the default icons for minimise/maximise/close window as they all look the same on my setup at the moment, so I ended up closing the game down when I actually wanted to maximise the screen Other than that, top work Paul! Cheers, Steve.
  6. As mentioned before, I'll help.
  7. Steve39


    Hi All, Here are a couple of bezel & marquee setups I've put together (using existing artwork) for when I switch my monitor to vertical. I did look online to see if anyone had created anything similar (displaying game and marquee on one screen) but all I could find was stuff for your standard horizontal setup. If anyone knows of anything similar please let me know - it might save me some time :-). Steve.
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