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  1. Please , dont forget Amstrad CPC too!, Awesome work @RetroHumanoid!
  2. Anyone knows how can i increase the size of the selected wheel?, Thanks
  3. Wow, great work @RetroHumanoid , meanwhile i´m waiting your release, I like wheel style, do you know how can i change the size of the wheel in Unified Redux Theme?, and change it to a vertical wheel (Like your images, and just like Hyperspin).
  4. Great work @Lordmonkus, but i miss a lot of great classic games like Tehkan World Cup and Passing Shot, can i suggest add it to your project?, i miss some great soccer games too, I try to remove all cps and Neogeo games from your list, I want it like a different system, Rocketlauncher dont have support to Launchbox Playlist and if you want Bezels and Fades, I think It´s the best way. Thanks
  5. WoW, amazing Thanks a lot @Styphelus!
  6. Superb Theme, one sugestion, can you increase size of selected clear logo?
  7. Please, Sega Genesis (Sega Megadrive) and Snes pal too?
  8. Waiting for update soon, This is the most coolest and awaiting theme so far, Very Good Job
  9. I think i saw a theme with big Clear Logo and "rounded" wheel like Hyperspin, but I can´t find it....Niglurion CleanBG Is the most similar.....
  10. some games like shinobi, golden axe, shadow warrior, all (Sega Mega-Tech games), if you choose combine roms, it merges with Original Arcade Games, different game same name.....maybe if Jason can Add (Mega-Tech) to those games, or a Checkbox to don´t import it........
  11. I have been submited a change for moderation "Double Dragon (Neo-Geo)" name
  12. https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/27051 both games have same name, I try to search by "alternate name", but it doesn´t work, Can´t find "Double Dragon I"
  13. If I re-scrape 1987 game and replace it, It shows Neo-Geo again....
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