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  1. go into a platform, and press J on the keyboard, and select the Coverbox theme for the platform, until @faeran combines the themes into one, that is the way to do it right now.
  2. This is a great theme, and if you use the nosh on this theme for bigbox, it will give it a unicorn look across both programs.
  3. This theme looks great, and i wanted to know, if you can add the clear logo for the platforms and games, thanks. Looking forward to the next update.
  4. I added more Logos by request and you can download them now.
  5. Sega Dreamcast should be in there. Edit I see it missing. Ill add it back in there. Thanks for letting me know. Edit Sega Dreamcast was added back. Not sure why it got deleted, but enjoy 😎
  6. Thanks Jason. Keep up the awesome work.
  7. Yeah after installing the new beta, the retrotastic theme that i currently use, needs to be updated since it broke it and i get Systemview and platformwheelfiltersview error, and maybe other themes that i have that i haven't tested yet. Or maybe im doing something wrong, LOL.
  8. Hopefully this doesn't break @y2guruPASC CE editor, but I'm sure he can add in the changes.
  9. You are amazing, @Jason Carr should hire you to make this an official theme editor for Bigbox. This will make Launchbox/Bigbox even better than other front-ends. Cant wait will you add more features like the wheel. btw, will you support spinning discs, and object transitions/effects, like making an image or object slide or fade or spin when changing platforms or a game?
  10. This program will great for people who have ideas for a theme, but don't know how to code like me.
  11. I would give it a shot, but i wish i new how to code a theme. One of our theme creators might be able to see if an Xbox one theme would be possible.
  12. that make sense that it should change the default Location to the folder or drive you choose, when you import games that are not in the Launchbox folder, and i also have my game in other folders outside of Launchbox folder.
  13. Thats not an issue. Launchbox is set to scan games that are in the launchbox/games folder and not in any other location. you can change that folder, in under each platform settings, in the Folders tab you will see Games, and you change the location to your roms folder.
  14. Yeah, since i noticed this as well, until i found that setting, turning it down to 2 second was perfect for me. You system might be different so i would lower the time until you find the right spot.
  15. Here is the video of the issue. Im using the Retrotastic theme and the game was loading from Retroarch, But it happens with any game/emulator. So you can see when you exit a game, the video starts up for a second until bigbox windows is in focus, then the video resumes back to where it left off. I know it does it when Bigbox windows is not in focus, because i did a test when exiting a game while another windows was in focus, and the video started from the beginning until i clicked on bigbox and it went into focus, the video resumes back to where it left off before like you see in the video
  16. Cool. Thanks Jason. I was thinking it might of been the HDD since i was running bigbox off a 5400rmp HDD and i noticed bigbox would lag and slow down do to the slow HDD, but i moved my bigbox collection to a 7200rpm drive, and bigbox is noticeably faster but that issue still happens.
  17. One thing i noticed is, with the Startup screen(not the startup videos) when you exit a game, and it says game over, you can hear Bigbox and the game video is playing from the beginning in the background and then when bigbox comes into focus, the video loads from where it left off. Ill try to make a video of it. But this might just be a windows focus issue. Thanks Jason for all your hard work!! Keep it up, and looking forward to what comes next 😎
  18. This theme looks great but for some reason, the theme doesnt load for me when i switch to it in Bigbox, it just loads the default startup theme? Great work, keep it up.
  19. I would love to chip in and help, but ive been pretty busy lately and dont really have time that i would like. Hopefully i can get some free time soon, since im also doing clear logos for another theme.
  20. I got a chance to use these backgrounds, and im loving your hard work, especially the ones that have animated gifs. It would be cool if more objects were animated. I cant wait till you do more games, and are you planning on doing other platforms?
  21. I love your work. By the way, can you make these themes available as a download pack, it would make downloading these easy. Thanks in advance.
  22. Unfortunately, these are the only sounds you can use as of right now. Hopefully @Jason Carr will add the ability to use more sounds, like a sound pack for different wheels, like in Hyperspin where as you scroll, each item on the wheel plays a different sound.
  23. True that could be his problem, since hes using pretty old hardware. But DDR2 shouldnt be that slow, but i cant really say, since i dont have a computer with ddr2 anymore, and my old computer has 8gb of DDR3, and my current computer has 16gb of DDR4.
  24. But it shouldnt matter if he has DDR2 since DDR2 supports up to 16gb depending on the Motherboard and the difference with DDR2 to DDR3 and 4 is the capacity and speed, but speed mainly.
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