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  1. if your collection is large and you have a lot of Logos and artwork, and videos, then 6gb wouldnt be enough for the large cache that BigBox creates. I have a pretty large collection and my computer has 16gb of ram so obviously i dont have any problems with BIgBox. Hope this make sense.
  2. Yeah, im sure your know who Linus is and what LTT is, but if not, you can search him and see a video that he did about building a custom arcade cabinet machine, and he actually used a Flat CRT that is used in old arcades and it the best screen to use for an authentic arcade feel, but those CRTs are very hard to find. I hope to have my own arcade cabinet one day since i have an old core 2 quad computer collecting dust and with newer cards, you can get a converter box that converts HDMI/DVI to analog Composite or S-Video to connect to an old CRT monitor.
  3. Wait...AGP? I think you mean PCI since if im not mistaking, the old LGA775 core 2 series was PCI and not AGP was already fazed out, and i havnt used or seen an AGP card in a long time since probably when i had an old computer with an Athlon 64.
  4. so, any new on when your releasing the pause menu for separate emulators?
  5. @bbweiners Its been a while since ive heard from you and checking to see if your still here, LOL, Hope to hear from you 😎
  6. Any news on when you will be releasing the pause menu for different emulators? Thank you.
  7. i like the transparent pause menu more, and Im not great at themes either so when i tried it, it didnt have the question mark blocks in the buttons, and i couldnt find how to adjust the positions of the buttons, since they are not centered. Great job tho.
  8. I managed to get the pause menu to work with dolphin by editing the hotkey script, but the only thing that i couldn't get to work was saveing a save state through the pause menu, because in dolphin, the hotkey to make a save state is LShift+f1 and i couldnt get the send key command work in the AHK, but loading save states works since its just f1 in dolphin. Thank you for creating the pause menu. I love it.
  9. or if you use Retroarch already, all you need to do i move all your media(game boxes,carts,etc) to the correct folders and just import the roms into launchbox and set the emulator to retroarch and thats pretty much it. For bigbox, you would find a theme that you like and play around with it and use your own setting until you like it. 😎
  10. Ive never thought about a Wii menu theme. That actually would be a really cool theme or even an WiiU theme. I would love to try to make a wii theme, but i don't know how to code. One our theme developers or someone could try and make this theme.
  11. Wow!!! Nice looking theme, cant wait to try it out. My neon platform and playlist categories clear logos would go well with this theme.
  12. I know this thread is about 2 years old so this issue it probably fixed for you but i also have a 960m, and im pretty sure it was a driver update or retroarch update that fixed it sinve i was getting this issue before, but now im not getting tearing with v-sync on. Sometimes i will notice it but to fix it, go to video output settings, then scroll down to Vertical Refresh Rate and it might be on 1.000Hz, and if it is go to Estimated Screen Framrate and that should be displaying your actual monitor refresh rate and it should be around 60 if you have a 60Hz monitor or if you have a higher Hz i
  13. And it would be cool if @Jason Carr added those features and one feature I would like and I'm sure a lot of people have wanted this as well, is profiles in bigbox for like a kid mode of just to have multi profiles for people who wand to use a different theme and media.
  14. glad you go the issue sorted out
  15. thats weird? We need @Jason Carr to chime in. Maybe it has something to do with Emumovies api, im not sure.
  16. Loving all hard work your doing @Jason Carr cant wait to see what else is coming in Launchbox next/Bigbox. Love this fam.
  17. I notice that when you go into a platform, you can see the wheel curve and the pointer arrow shrinks a bit. Im not sure if that is by design or if it is an issue but it stands out to me. Other than that, this version and the original 16x9 version is a great theme. I hope that the curved wheel will be added to the original version, because i like it since it looks more like a wheel. Great job @Jason Carr and @CriticalCid for your amazing work
  18. Yeah i kind of like the slanted logos and also like the Animated Joystick at the bottom that says Select Game next to it that Hyperspin has. I think it would look cool in an arcade cabinet or if someone has an arcade joystick. Maybe @Jason Carr or one of our theme creators or plugin developers can make it.
  19. Thanks again for these themes. Keep pushing them out
  20. ok. Cool. Thanks again for these great themes. Since the merge of different themes per platforms, i had an idea to do themes like these with style that goes with their consoles look, but i dont know how to code or do anything in xaml, but you read my mind and made it better
  21. I really love your hard work, but can you make a Gameboy Advanced theme since you made a Gameboy and Gameboy color theme. Thank you again.
  22. that would be cool, to fill in the black bars, and on a 21:9 monitor, youll always have black bars, with 16:9 videos, but there might me a way to stretch the videos by changing something in the theme xaml file for that view, but im not good at that, so someone else in the forums can help you with that, but other than that im glad i could help you out.
  23. I tested it with the wii videos since those are in 16:9 and they are in full screen in that view i showed you.
  24. its because my videos are hyperspin recorded videos and they are in 4:3, but if you have 16:9 videos, they wont be centered like that theyll be in full screen.
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