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  1. Playtime Tracker

    New Version 1.4
    Removed "Reset Playtime" function from BigBox as requested by @klepp0906 and @Blazer
    New Version 1.3
    Added a visual playtime setter/editor
    New Version 1.2
    Fixed another string error that would sometimes cause the playtime to not record. Thanks @TheNewClassics. Everything should work now but please don't hesitate to let me know if any other problems arise.
    New Version 1.1
    Please update to the new version. I caught a string error that would prevent any playtime from going over 23 hours. The new version will keep all your game's previous playtime intact. Also, you can now reset a game's playtime in LB from the selected games right click menu (@Krakerman).
    Drop the .dll in your LaunchBox\Plugins directory and start tracking how long you play your games. The playtime is recorded as a custom field so it is visible in LaunchBox on the game details bar and in BigBox in the game details. See the screenshots for reference.
    Known Issues:
    Per the plugin API (http://pluginapi.launchbox-app.com/html/a40a286d-83c6-e179-940c-7e4166d567fe.htm) this may not function correctly with all platforms (ie. Steam) but I have tested it with RetroArch, Dolphin, and PCSX2 without problems.


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  2. LBPlex

    LBPlex is a theme that mimics Plex Media Server's website interface. Two versions are included in the package: LBPlex - which has the default item spacing on the sidebar and list view, and LBPlex Condensed - which has much tighter item spacing on the sidebar and list view. I have also replaced the volume "knob" with a regular slider.
    All the colors in this theme are hard-coded with the exception of the Foreground (text) color in the LaunchBox Options\Legacy\Theme\Colors menu. The Background Opacity slider in the LaunchBox Options\Visuals\Boxes menu has no effect right now. A fix is in-coming so this will work at a later date. Update: If you run the latest LaunchBox Beta (8.7-beta-1 or above) this is fixed. The Fade Background slider in LaunchBox Options\Images\Default Background will adjust the brightness of the theme background image. Enjoy


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  3. Blue Explosion Startup Video

    Here's a quick little intro I made for my own system and thought I'd share here for others.


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  4. Grila's Custom BigBox Controls

    Update 7/2/2019: The SlimDX library was replaced with the SharpDX library because SlimDX hasn't been updated since 2012. Hopefully this will alleviate any of the problems with the plugin not working. @Jason Carr, @viking, @shro2016 and anyone else I missed.  A few custom controls to add extra functionality to BigBox themes. Read the documentation included in the download.

    Place GrilaBBControlsPlugin.dll and SlimDX.dll SharpDX.dll and SharpDX.XInput.dll in either LaunchBox\Plugins or the plugins folder of a specific theme

    Open a new or existing BigBox theme in Visual Studio and add a reference to the project. Browse to the directory you copied the files to in the first step and select GrilaBBControlsPlugin.dll.

    In any views you wish to utilize the controls, add the plugin to the namespace.
    Ex. xmlns:g="clr-namespace:GrilaBBControlsPlugin;assembly=GrilaBBControlsPlugin"

    Use like any other element by prefixing the namespace defined in the previous step (a quick selection box should appear after typing the namespace prefix) and select the desired control.

    There are exposed properties for most of the controls that allow the user to customize their appearance as they wish. Below is a list of all available properties that can be changed:

    GrilaTime – a more customizable version of the built-in time control:
    •    Any normal TextBlock options like foreground, font family, font style, etc.
    •    GrilaTimeFormat is a string defining the DateTime format. Default is set to “h:mm tt” for 12 hour time with AM/PM indicators and no date. Set this however you wish to get the info you want. Good examples of DateTime formats can be found here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/8kb3ddd4(v=vs.110).aspx

    GrilaPowerStatus – shows device power status, battery charge status, and battery level
    •    GrilaBatteryBorderColor – the color of the battery outline (default Black)
    •    GrilaBatteryBorderThickness – the width of the battery outline (default 15)
    •    GrilaBatteryCornerRadius – the radius of the battery corners (default 5)
    •    GrilaBatteryProgressForeground – the color of the battery level progress bar (default Lime)
    •    GrilaBatteryProgressBackground – the background color of the battery level progress bar (default #111111)
    •    GrilaBatteryProgressMargin – the margin between the battery outline and the battery level progress bar (default 0)
    •    GrilaChargeIconForeground – the color of the charging symbol when the battery is charging (default BatteryOutlineBorderColor)
    •    GrilaPlugIconForeground – the color of the plug symbol when the device has no battery (desktop system) (default BatteryOutlineBorderColor)

    GrilaControllerStatus – shows the connection state and battery level (if wireless) for up to 4 xinput controllers
    •    GrilaControllerColor – the color of the controller(s) (default Black)
    •    GrilaControllerLightOnColor – the color of the charge level indicator lights when on (default Lime)
    •    GrilaControllerLightOffColor – the color of the charge level indicator lights when off (default Black)


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  5. Current Weather Control for BigBox

    Yahoo killed their YQL API on January 3rd 2019, which this plugin uses to get the weather data, so it no longer works. Until I have time to switch it to a different weather API it will remain broken.
    Grila's BigBox Weather Control v1.0.2
    BigBox Control/Plugin
    This control will periodically retrieve the current weather conditions, displayed as a relevant icon, and temperature for the location you choose and display them in a BigBox theme. The location and display units (C or F) are end-user configurable. What this means is this: anyone who uses a theme that incorporates this control can set their location and display units to either Celsius or Fahrenheit by a simple edit of a config file (thank you @eatkinola for the help with that). I'm not sure if there is any want for this kind of information in BigBox (the idea came from looking at my phone's home screen), but the more options for theme's the better. 
    v1.0.2 (1/3/2018)
    Added ShowTemp bool Added ShowConditions bool v1.0.1 (1/2/2018):
    Added ShowUnits bool Added ShowLocation bool Added ItemSpacing property v1.0.0 (11/8/2017):
    Initial release  
    This isn't a plugin that can just be dropped into the plugin's folder, it's a user control that theme makers (or anyone with enough knowledge for that matter) can incorporate into their themes much like my other controls for controller status, battery percent, etc. I've included instructions (with pictures) on how to get this into a theme.
    Screenshot (upper right corner)


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  6. BigBox Random Game Selector

    This plugin will allow you to select a random game from your platforms/playlists/entire library in BigBox. It was written mainly for the platform views, but it does work in game views as well with a small caveat that will hopefully be fixed soon. Since this plugin utilizes a custom menu, you cannot just drop it in the LaunchBox\Plugins folder. There are additional steps that must be taken that involve editing your theme files, all outlined with step-by-step pictures, in the documentation.
    Please, READ THE DOC before you post that it doesn't work (because I have thoroughly tested it and it does).
    In the download I have included a sample theme which has the plugin implemented in the PlatformWheel1 view as well as some individual xaml files in another directory that have the plugin implemented. Please look at these files if you are having trouble adding this to the theme you use, it will help you see what needs to go where. There's only two things that need added to make this work, so it's not difficult.
    After following the install instructions, start up BigBox. Once you are in the view(s) you configured the plugin for:
    hold right to bring up the random game selector for the currently selected platform/playlist hold left to bring up the random game selector for your entire library hold right to call the plugin (the menus have been combined) Updates
    From this point moving forward (June 28th, 2018) updates will only be posted on GitHub. It's way easier than zipping the project up, uploading it to this site, editing the description/change-log, etc. You can find the most current release at https://github.com/G-rila/BigBoxRGS/releases.
    Thanks to all in the thread (https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/43251-bigbox-select-random-game-feature-fixed-by-wheel-spin/) who suggested this. Hopefully the changes implemented in this version will make it a bit more user friendly.
    A very special thanks to @MayorQwert for being the guinea pig on this plugin.


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  7. ListBox Scroll Center for BigBox

    This control will make the selected item in the list views stay in the center of the list as the user scrolls if the list is indeed scrollable according to the IScrollInfo.
    Please read the included docs and view the example pictures for each step! If you are inserting this into a theme where the author has modified any of the required views, make sure to only replace whats outlined in the docs.
    Any troubles implementing it let me know and I will make the modifications when I have time.
    Major thanks to @Jason Carr for holding my hand on this one


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  8. GPDWin

    GPDWin is a lightweight theme for use on the portable GPDWin computer. Since the portable has limited storage, the theme only uses clear logos and game screenshots. Along with being lightweight, an customizer application is included that lets the end user change nearly all of the theme related colors (text colors, highlight colors, star rating colors, etc.) comfortably from a GUI without having to edit any code.
    Even though the theme itself is pretty basic, I put a lot of love into the ability to customize it easily and visually. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it
    A couple of notes:
    The customizer app, GPDWinCustomizer.exe, is in the root theme folder and needs to be run from there, don't move it. The whole theme was designed around 1280x720 because of its target platform, but it does look good at 1920x1080. Anything other than those weren't tested so I can say, but it does rely on 16:9 AR. Display scaling above 100% was tested minimally, hopefully I caught everything but please let me know if you spot any weirdness above 100% The controller images on the banners I made are from the OpenEmu GitHub. I won't be making any more...head there, grab the images, and get creative. The star rating in this one is pure XAML, not images. This was done so the colors would be changeable by the end user. It's a new way of doing it (with a gradient, some math, and tons of code) but the end result is identical to image swapping. On the Text List views, the opacity of the overlay is tied to the setting in the BigBox menu. Adjust it as needed for readability. Scrolling text was not implemented to help with performance And finally, some images:
    The theme:
    The Customizer:


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  9. Switch Theme

    Switch  v1.0.3
    BigBox Theme
    Display scaling over 100% will cause alignment issues with the platform wheel banner images.
    Switch Changelog:
    v1.0.3 (8/30/2017):
    - moved the GrilaControlLibrary.dll to the theme Plugins folder, which is an added feature since the theme release (the .dll will still need to be un-blocked before launching BigBox)
    - fixed the large outline bug reported by @jamesclarke555 (thanks again for reporting it to me)
    v1.0.2 (5/2/2017):
    - redesigned Text Games View (thanks for the inspiration @NahuelDS)
    v1.0.1 (4/21/2017):
    - Dark version added
    v1.0.0 (4/20/2017):
    - Initial release
    Theme Description
    Switch is a very lightweight, clean theme that was designed to be as close to the original UI as possible. There isn't much artwork in this one: banners for the platform wheel view, covers for the box game view, and a video snap in the game details screen so it should run pretty smooth on low spec systems.
    It includes a custom control library that I've started to build that contains the battery status indicator as well as a separate 12 and 24 hour clock (since we can't change the format of the built-in one without changing Windows settings).
    Theme Notes 
    * Requires the file GrilaControlLibrary.dll to be un-blocked before launching BigBox. Make sure to do this for both the light and dark versions of the theme.
    * Utilizes the font Oxygen-Regular, which is included in the root theme folder. Install it before running this theme.
    * Designed for 1920x1080. I can't guarantee it will work at any other resolutions (really only the platform wheel), even in the same aspect ratio, because of the margin that is applied to the wheel to get it off center. The box game view and all text views are NOT affected by this and will work at any resolution, although text spacing and some other misc. elements may not look as perfect as they do at 1080.
    * Included is a sound pack for BigBox. Move it from the theme directory to LaunchBox\Sounds and select it in the BigBox options menu. It can also be downloaded here https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/467-switch/
    * I've included some extra buttons and controller images along with the .PSD and .AI files to edit them if you feel the need. The extras can be swapped out to fit your system by simply copying them from the extras folder to the core image folder and renaming them. The file names have to match what's in the XAML, so you'll need to overwrite or delete the ones you are changing. Filenames are controller.png, play_button.png, and back_button.png.
    Alternate Versions
    1280x720 GPDWin focused version (video replaced with screenshot):
    1280x800 Tablet focused version (video replaced with screenshot):


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  10. Grila's HQ 3-D NES Boxart

    Here's a collection of 763 high quality (2048x2048) 3-D boxes for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I made them using Imandix Cover Pro with very high quality (3431x2100) full cover artwork from http://www.thecoverproject.net. Distribute as you please, all I did was run the artwork through Imandix. Enjoy


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  11. Fundamental Theme

    Fundamental is a clean theme that focuses on big artwork. Large, high quality covers are recommended to get the best visual appearance.
    A couple of notes about this theme:
    - After unzipping, you have to unblock the DLL that contains the font (in the plugin folder).
    -Requires the font Bebas Neue, included in the root theme folder. Install it before running BigBox.
    -Any display scaling above or below 100% is likely to cause alignment issues with some theme elements.
    -Because of the way the videos and their rounded corner mask re-size based on aspect ratio, you have to use WMP with this theme. VLC aligning in BigBox is horribly buggy at the moment and it doesn't work with the way things are accomplished in this theme.
    -I realize I could have accomplished my UI background files in pure XAML. I tested this and it decreased the theme's performance substantially, so I reverted back to using the images.
    -This theme is based around high quality vertical covers (1534x2100) for all platforms and game boxes (yes, even Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64). A good collection of them can be found at http://www.thecoverproject.net/. The theme will work with horizontal covers, it just won't look as intended.
    -Background opacity for the text based views is changed in the BigBox "Options" menu. A good setting range is 75-90 percent depending on your display.
    -I've included 12 custom platform banners that I made based on each systems game boxes. I may make a few more, but don't count on it. Be creative and make the ones you're missing yourself.


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  12. Switch

    Sounds from the Nintendo Switch UI for use with my upcoming theme, Switch.


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  13. ComixBox Theme

    ComixBox v1.0.2
    BigBox Theme
    Theme Description
    ComixBox is a theme based on old school comic book design. It relies heavily on having the proper artwork scraped for your systems and games including background fan art, screenshots, front cover images, etc. ComixBox also features some advanced animation techniques that have never been seen before in BigBox.
    Separate views were made for the diferent video snap aspects available. Utilize the option "Remember Separate View for Each Platform" in BigBox Options - Views to get the best visual from the theme (to avoid blank space on the sides of your video snaps).
    Theme Notes 
    * Requires the fonts Bangers and Clementine, which are included in the root theme folder. Install them before running BigBox.
    * The animations in the theme were ultimately just me experimenting with some stuff to try and bring something new to a BigBox theme. I thought they ended up pretty neat so I left them in. I do have a version without them that I'm planning on adding to the .ZIP file shortly.
    * The theme was ultimately designed for 1920x1080 but was tested to be fully working at these resolutions as well:
    1280x720 1366x768 1600x900  
    v1.0.2 (2/23/2017):
    Changed all the videos to use the background video object so they would stretch to fill their appropriate spaces Forced platform and game background videos to "On" in the theme settings file to compensate for the above change v1.0.1 (2/21/2017):
    Added fade effect to the title section so the text doesn't appear until after the animation passes (applies to platform and game views 1, 2, and 3) Added the transition selector codes back to the text views that was erroneously removed during development v1.0.0 (2/20/2017):
    Initial release


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  14. BigForce Theme

    BigForce v1.0.0
    BigBox Theme
    Theme Description
    BigForce is a modern, dark theme focused around the visual style of the computer graphics giant, nVidia. The idea is based off a RetroFE theme called Ergo Proxy by ryuuji that I adapted and modified for BigBox.
    Theme Notes 
    * Requires the fonts geforce-bold.ttf and geforce-light.ttf. Both are included in the root theme folder. Install them before running BigBox.
    * This theme is designed for 1080 but works well at the following resolutions with one missing reflection (due to the way it was implemented):
        -1280x720: no reflection of the details on the text views
        -1366x768: no reflection of the details on the text views
        -1600x900: partial reflection of the details on the text views
    * If you have your games rated in LaunchBox (5-star rating system), it will be reflected in the theme.
    * I made this based on high quality vertical covers for all systems, it's not going to look right with horizontal covers. I am aware of this, there's no need to tell me. A good source for these is http://www.thecoverproject.net/.
    * Included are a handful of vertical platform banners I made based off eash system's original box design. If the ones you need aren't included, get creative and make your own.


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  15. SMW Theme

    SMW  v1.0.0
    BigBox  Theme
    A Quick Note
    I originally started this just as a proof of concept for myself and I wasn't planning on uploading it for the community. After it progressed a bit, I thought it was actually turning out kinda cool and some of you may like to add it to your collection. So here we are. If there's enough interest I'll add some more views to it.
    Theme Description
    SMW is a simple, fun theme that was created by utilizing sprite sheets from the Super Nintendo game Super Mario World. It's designed to be a basic, easy to use theme with a throwback, pixellated visual style.
    Theme Notes 
    * This theme is designed around a 16:9 aspect ratio. The following resolutions have been tested and are known to work as intended:
        - 1280x720
        - 1366x768
        - 1600x900
        - 1920x1080
    * Includes a custom, parallax background video that I made specifically for this theme
    * Custom Coin Icon for your favorited games in the list views
    * A static background in also coded into the theme for those of you who wish to use this theme on lower-end hardware. You'll have to edit the code and comment out the video line AND un-comment the image line. This has to be done in the following views (code is labeled for your pleasure):
        - PlatformWheel1FiltersView.xaml
        - TextFiltersView.xaml
        - WheelGamesView.xaml
        - TextGamesView.xaml


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  16. Translucent Theme

    Translucent  v1.0.1
    BigBox  Theme
    Theme Description
    Translucent is a modern-ish theme that features real-time Gaussian blurring behind its transparent panels giving them a frosted glass look. The effect works on both background art and background videos.
    Theme Notes 
    * Requires the font Bebas Neue, which is included in the root theme folder. Install it before running BigBox.
    * This theme is designed for 1080. The way the blur effects are implemented as well as the way that some text is formatted won't provide optimal results at any other resolution. I am aware of this, there is no need to comment and tell me about it. Beauty trumped compatibility on this one.
    * Any display scaling above or below 100% is likely to cause alignment issues with some of the theme elements.
    * The real-time Gaussian blurring can be a resource hog with fullscreen background videos enabled. Setting all transitions to "None" can help performance, as will using fan art backgrounds instead of videos.


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  17. Cosmic Energy Startup Video

    Length - 15 seconds


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  18. Electric Startup Video

    Here's another quick startup video for BigBox.


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  19. ClassicMini

    ClassicMini is a lightweight theme inspired by the NES (and Famicom) Classic Edition that was recently released. It doesn't feature all the flashy videos that seem to be the rage nowadays, but it's simplistic pixel design will take you back to the days of yesteryear. 
    16:9 aspect ratio is suggested, I haven't had time to test at any others so don't complain if it doesn't look right. Working game ratings if you have them set in LaunchBox  
    ClassicMini Changelog:
    v1.2.1 (01/23/2017):
    - Changed the font to a normal sans-serif (Segoe UI family) to help with overall aesthetics and readability
    - Added filter/platform details to the text filter/platform view
    v1.2 (01/21/2017):
    - Changed the binding of the cover images to use the transition presenter instead of calling them directly
    v1.1.1 (01/19/2017):
    - Added a missing opacity mask for the text platform and text game view
    v1.1 (01/19/2017):
    - Added a Famicom styled theme. I had to make it a seperate theme because of the way BigBox shares some of its views.
    - Re-named the NES version of ClassicMini to ClassicMiniNes to reflect the addition of the ClassicMiniFamicom theme
    - Added Famicom skin images
    - Skinned the platform text view, system menu, and options menu
    - Minor changes to various image files
    v1.0 (01/16/2017):
    - Initial release


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