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  1. Could the text "Resumir Juego" be changed to "Reanudar juego", please? It is more correct in Spanish. "Resumir" is different than "Resume". "Resumir" mean in spanish abbreviate, summarize, extract, recapitulate, reduce, synthesize, condense and simplify. Thank you.
  2. for me it would be the best feature I can ask for
  3. Increible, thank you
  4. Yesterday I was browsing the consoles and computers emulated in FINAL BURN NEO and I really liked the list of MSX software. A single list with cartridges and cassettes, automatically starting cassettes. Now comes my question: Does anyone know how to import these lists into Launchbox? Roms are formatted as MAME but the list is different. Thank you very much.
  5. Caprice32 run perfectly in retroarch. If you use .dsk files in options you must choose 6128 model. Don´t restart retroarch. You need close the program and start. If you use .cpr files (GX4000 conversions) you must choose 6128+ model. it is not convenient to have a romset with the two formats because each one needs a different option. I personally those with .cpr format I add them to GX4000.
  6. Para el tema de los textos en español he probado Skraper pero me da algunos problemillas. Creo que una de las cosas que más interesaría a gente que hable español, portugués, francés o italiano es implementar screenscraper.fr como característica en launchbox. Además de que algunas plataformas poco usadas en otros países, por ejemplo Amstrad cpc en Francia o España, están más completas. No sé si hay alguna manera de sumar esta petición entre todos los interesados. Un saludo.
  7. Thank you, a great theme...
  8. Muchas gracias, un tema increíble, me ha gustado mucho su diseño.
  9. Hello Jason, Screenscraper has the best database with images of some systems, such as Amstrad CPC or spectrum, but the most important thing is that it has translated into Spanish, French and Italian the notes of all the videogames. This is very important for many people who would like to have launchbox in their native language. Greetings and thank you very much for your magnificent program.
  10. when I start a game Restroarch pauses and launchbox closes. But only the first time... If i restart launchbox, all is ok. Why????
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