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  1. This theme is amazing! I love the vibe and the clean look! Using it now. I'm still missing some Platform banners. Is there any possibility of uploading the Photoshop files so we can create custom banners but using the same "dark blueish filter" to be in line with the rest? I'm missing the below: Pinball FX 3 Nintendo Switch Sammy Atomiswave Sega Hikaru Sega Model 1 Sega Model 2 Sega Model 3 Sega Naomi Adventure Games Fujitsu FM Towns Marty Great job! @thimolor
  2. Hi @MarianS3, It worked like a charm! Many thanks for the reply and for creating this amazing theme!
  3. Perfect theme my friend! Amazing work! Is there any way I can speed up the animation of the cart/disc? <!-- Cartucho / Disco / Tarjeta --> I want it to appear quicker, if possible. Which variable determines the speed? Keep up the amazing job! Saudaçoes de Portugal
    My favorite theme so far! The theme is clean and sleek and allowing the users to customize the wallpapers is fantastic! The theme has great game details views which include Box Art and Cart/Disc Media plus the Game info. Amazing design! Keep up the great work!
  4. @scooter1974 Once again sir, you've outdone yourself!!! You did everything I wished for on a theme! It looks amazing now!! Thank you so much! I've customized my theme with some little changes. If anyone wants, I can upload this. MAIN MENU VIEW: - Reshaped the video frame back to the proportion of your first version (doesn't look as flat now the video) - Arranged the bottom right elements: increased X position of Clear logo and Total Game counter. - Added my custom 'Device' media - Removed the green button on the digital clock PLATFORM VIEW - WITH DISC/CART ART: - Centered the Box Art and Cart/Disc elements to be more balanced on this view - Arranged the bottom right elements: increased X position of Clear logo and Game info. PLATFORM VIEW - NO DISC/CART ART: - For platforms that I don't have the Cart/Disc media, I've removed the extra image that shows this element. Because if you don't have the Cart/Disc media, the theme showed a repeated smaller cover image. Looks cleaner this way in my opinion. - Arranged the bottom right elements: increased X position of Clear logo and Game info. - Did the same above for the Nintendo DS custom view.
  5. @scooter1974 Thank you so much for the update bro! Now it's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏🤗 I've just tweaked it a little bit - use the video frame from the game view on the Main Platform view too. I've set the variable "StretchVideo="true" and it looks very good. However for Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS it doesn't work very well as it stretches those vertical videos. Is there a way to put an "IF" clause on the view code? Like: If platform="Nintendo DS" or platform="Nintendo 3DS" then StretchVideo="false" ELSE StretchVideo="true" Sorry to keep bothering you but this is my favorite theme so far and I would love it to solve these small "issues" to make it perfect Also, is there a way to include the "DEVICE_ART" on the Main Platform view? I wanted to show the device art for each platform, and also the Overview text as well. It would look very nice (see example pic) Once again, can't thank you enough for having the effort of creating this custom view!! You're the best!!! And sorry for my suggestions, it's just that I really love your theme lol! 😂
  6. @scooter1974 thanks so much man! by the way, congratulations on this theme. amazing work! I'm using it right now, can't wait for the custom wallpaper view
  7. Great theme! I like simplicity of the theme and the arrangement of items: box art, game name, type of game, etc. Is it possible for you to create a View where we can use our own wallpaper? I've noticed if I replace the "_Default Platform Background" or "_Default Background" pictures with my own wallpaper, the video and the box art gets completely covered! Is there a way for you to show the video and the boxart ABOVE the wallpaper without cutting transparency on the background? Like this example?
  8. @sagaopc that was exactly like I would imagine the perfect view. @viking I believe some of us want these type of views due to the huge amount of time we've spent scrapping all the box art, logo and disc media and I am sad not being able to show it on a theme I know this goes against your minimalist view on this theme but pleeeease consider just creating one view with this format pleaseee. Your theme is amazing, that's why everybody wants to use it and make it personal I guess lol. Keep up the amazing work!
  9. @viking I understand, you are going for a more minimalist design Would love to see those Photoshop tests for the next views! I got all game clear logos + box art, that's why I would love to have a view that combined these both arts on a single view. You are the man, fantastic work!
  10. Congrats @viking this is amazing!!! One of the best BigBox themes I've seen for a while! Right now I'm using it and it looks great! I was wondering if you were able to do like an alternate game view where we could see: Game name and game description on Top Left Game Box Cover smaller on the right of this Game logos below, smaller but more icons Game details beneath the box cover Like the attached picture. Keep up the amazing work!
  11. Sorry @neil9000 but the "Y2GURUConverters.dll" plugin does not have any Unblock button. I've checked all the tabs on the file properties.
  12. Hi @faeran. It is very strange but it happens to me... After I select your theme and I try to see any game details I get the attached error: I then press Ok and go back to navigate the theme as usual. I exit and if I try to enter Bigbox again, I get this error: Due to this I always have to backup the "data" folder and restore it again to fix it. Great job on the theme by the way!
    Best theme in BigBox in my opinion! Only issue is that when I click the game details, it pops up an error and then corrupts my bigbox executable... Please do an update on this fantastic theme and include the video previews on the side of the game covers (and also clear logos) and more views! 5 stars!
  13. Any chance of an update on this theme? Mine causes error and corrupts the bigbox executable This is the best theme in my opinion! Only needs to include the video previews on the side on the game cover (or inside it via a fade).
  14. Great job! The theme is beautiful! However, it seemed to have corrupted by Bigbox exe. Sometimes going back and fourth in the platforms, it will end up causing a pop up error and I can't return to the main platform select menu...don't know why! Can you make a version where the video starts playing when the game is selected? Or the game logo appears as well? Keep up the amazing work! Salute from PORTUGAL!
  15. hi, any news on this update? have a good weekend!
  16. No problem my friend, take your time! Really appreciate your dedication on this! It would be great if you could tackle the below: - Nintendo DS videos centered and on correct ratio - Cart or Disc pic on the lower right side of the game preview (above title name) - Main menu "normal" like version 3.0 with scanlines (no fade in to Platform info) Wish you a good week! Many thanks!!!
  17. Hi Hexxer, great job with the update! It fixed something that I was suspicious of but wasn't sure (degraded performance after 2-3 trips to the options menu). However, I still prefer the version 3.1 main menu version - where it doesn't fade to the platform info and history box with the banner. Can I ask you just how can I update my 3.1 theme to show the Nintendo DS videos centered and on their original ratio (not stretched)? And also what files should I replace to fix the "degraded" performance bug? Many thanks and keep up the amazing work!
  18. Sorry to bother again, is there anyway to fix the NINTENDO DS views for the main video and for the individual game video? See the pictures for the example: on the main menu, the video for the NDS is vertical and therefore it would be cool to be centered in the middle. On the game selection screen, the theme stretches these "vertical" videos and it's ugly. Any ideas?? many thanks!
  19. No problem my friend, I understand completely! Just want to thank you for making the best Big Box theme in my opinion! If it's not much hassle, can I ask you something? I wanted to include the game cart or the game cd disk into the view like the attached files. Is this something possible without much work? maybe editing some .xml and including the cart variable and disc variable and x and y position perhaps? Keep up the amazing work!
  20. This is my favorite theme right now! However, I can't seem to have the videos playing once I select the platform! The theme manages to find the platform/game videos on the main menu (I put it to randomize the game videos), however, once I select the platform, it shows the game logos with scanlines instead of the actual game video! Can someone help me??
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