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  1. Have you tried excluding your launchbox/emulators/roms/media folders, from your antivirus? I had an issue with a game sometime ago and windows security would always flag a dll file and quarantine it, and not let the game run. Excluding the game folder, fixed the issue. I would take a look at your quarantined files (if any) and see if any belong to launchbox.
  2. I am having the same issue as well. Getting really sick of hearing the same song, lol.
  3. Prince Edward Island, Canada. You've probably never heard of it
  4. scooter1974

    ok so wrong

    This is quite clear in the options 😃 Tools>Options>Updates>Uncheck all
  5. Personally I would just start fresh and delete every instance of Retroarch that you have (but that's just me). Go to https://www.retroarch.com/?page=platforms and download the version that you need. I wouldn't bother with the installer, just grab the files and put them where you want. If you have a 32 bit OS then grab the 32 bit version, 64 bit, then grab the 64 bit version.
  6. Did you by chance use the installer to install retroarch? Open up a run box and type %APPDATA%\Retroarch and see if there is anything in that folder. I'm thinking you have some stray configs, messing things up for you.
  7. I had the same issue, I just jiggled the analog sticks and it stopped moving. Try calibrating your controller and see if that fixes the issue.
  8. Just what I was looking for. Thanks
  9. If it is graphic related, I could help out.
  10. I'm not sure what you mean by the "Unblock box" I don't see that when I click on properties for the .dll file.
  11. I'm going to assume that you have a corrupted windows user account? If so, give this a read http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ca/windows/fix-corrupted-user-profile#1TC=windows-7. I have had this problem in the past and was able to get it fixed up no problem. Basically you are going to create a new account, log into it, find the files from your old account and copy them over. That link is for Windows 7, but should be similar for other versions.
  12. SentaiBrad said No unforunetly. Hyperspin themes are in a different engine, and XAML is remarkbly more powerful. I wouldn't be surprised if someone re-created the most popular ones or even if some of those creators decided to try XAML. I have created a few themes for HyperSpin and worked as a front end web developer for close to 8 years. I have never used XAML, but from what I have read, the transition from HTML/CSS is quite easy (at least I hope so) I cant wait to start learning!
  13. Styphelus said It's the one above called "Familly Computer". Those logos look really familiar. Any former Hyperspin users here? Former Hyperspinner, checking in :)
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