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  1. If the new drive still has the same drive letter and path, then yes you would be ale to use it. If not, then you would have to create a new shortcut, or edit the current shortcut by right clicking it, click properties and edit the target.
  2. DS4Windows is the program that you need to install for a DS4 controller. https://ryochan7.github.io/ds4windows-site/
  3. Do you have the correct bios file? You should have a file called "syscard3.pce". I'm not sure where it goes in a standalone emulator (likely the bios older) but in retroarch it goes in the "system" folder.
  4. Sounds like a video card driver issue to me. Have you installed the latest driver version for the video card? An RX 580 should have no issues running Launchbox/Bigbox.
  5. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uwp/design/style/segoe-ui-symbol-font#how-do-i-get-this-font "On Windows 10: There's nothing you need to do, the font comes with Windows." Looks like you are good
  6. i'm on the latest version of retroarch. What version are you using?
  7. If you go to "settings > user interface > menu widgets OFF" it will disable those popups.
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