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  1. I just had it happen to me, it worked normally as soon as I unplugged the gamepad Razer Orbweaver, but it seems to be very specific because it didn't happen when I had it hooked to 2 1080p monitor, it started after I switched one of the monitors to 4k resolution.
  2. I've got a lot of questions: 1. How many HDs are you using and what's their sizes? 2. I'm considering letting my heaviest ISO files uncompressed for performance, specially the heavier ones like PS2 games. How are you keeping your ISO files? 3. Do you have hacks and mods on your collection also or just the official released version? 4. Where did you find the second part (letter L to Z) of your PS2 collection? Great collection mate, cheers.
  3. Given that every platform has a specific number of released games and that most of those platforms have already ceased to release new games, and granted that the launchbox already have a database with all that data, it would be nice if we could have a way to keep track of what we're missing in our collection based on official releases. It could work like that hearthstone book feature, where the boxes of the games you don't have would be displayed grayed out like the image below: How do you guys feel about that?
  4. Is there anyway to configure the size of the frame of a box cover for a specific platform or for it to be autosize in LaunchBox? Some systems have vertical covers, some have squared CD covers and that's not a problem, but Super Nintendo boxes are all horizontal and it bothers to have that gap around the boxes (as shown in the attached picture), and it's something that didn't exist in the previous version. I know you can configured it on options but it ends up applying to all platforms, and that's not what I'm looking for. I've searched the forums but couldn't find anything in here t
  5. The option to extract rom is on, but once I remove rocketlauncher it no longer works. And the funny thing is, with RocketLauncher configured I can right click the game and launch it with retroarch and it works. Anyways, I will try to re-install it. Thanks for your help
  6. A Little Context I'm currently using the nointro collection on a portable hard drive and it launches zipped files okay when using the RocketLauncher. With the latest feature addition of the launch screen to BigBox beta I've decided to take out the middle man, mainly because I find RocketLauncher overcomplicated and, overall, I want the process to many as few steps as possible. Current Setup So I've setup Retroarch emulator with all the cores I had pre-configured in LaunchBox emulator window and marked the option to extract roms before launching. Problem the problem is Launch
  7. With the controller you have to use the trigger buttons (LT and RT on the XBox controller).
  8. Still on the topic of x360 controller regarding its functions on LBNext, I loved the custom pointer on the old LB when switching to the xbox controller, could you bring it back? Also it would be nice if we could scroll content by using the right analog stick, and if there was a way to increase the mouse controller cursor movement.
  9. I'm having the same problem using an X360 controller as well, mainly it drifts on the x+ axis. But I really like using the controller on LaunchBox.Next Another thing I've noticed is that the music won't automatically stop when you click the game video on LB.Next. What I've been doing is muting the music so it won't overlap the video's audio.
  10. I've came up with this theme layout but when I tried to follow the tutorial on how to setup a custom theme it was a total disaster, so if you guys could help me out with pointers on how to get started, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you
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