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  1. Kind to share the commodore64 config file you made? Regards Jan
  2. What about using the xbox360 controller?
  3. Hi. I've been looking for some boxart for Sega Ringwide and Ringedge. Do you have a download link for this art and do you have fade in for Rocketlauncher and video snaps both game and platform? Regards Jan A
  4. Ok. Do you know what version that is?
  5. Got all sorted out except I am not able to load the different tables directly. Any tip?
  6. Possible to request one for Commodore Amiga CD32 ?
  7. Got it working now. Had to manually type in the new platform because it did'nt show in the dropdown list. Thanks!
  8. Have added a new plattform PC Arcade Games but it does not show on left sidebar in launchbox. Any suggestions whats wrong? The platform is made because I can see it under images/plattforms folder.
  9. Thanks! That's just what I wanted. :-)
  10. Is it possible to list them in bigbox as a platform button clear logo?
  11. Hi. Is it possible to show a clear logo for Playlist and Favorites in the platform wheel? Thinking Playlist button shows the different playlists and Favorites button shows the different games that you have marked as favorites in bigbox.
  12. Great logos! Any chance of making one for Sega Ages playlist?
  13. Any chance someone got or able to make one for Sega Ages ?
  14. Thanks. Just found out but the clearing the cache seems to take some time because not every logo changes at once. Aften tried for hours I think there is a problem with clearing the cache. Not all logos will show and when I try to refreash the images random logos change back to default logos.
  15. Great theme! Thanks I like to change the default wheel clear logos with Vikings clear logo set but can not manage to change the playlist logos. The platform logos is just fine. Any ideas?
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