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  1. Can you post your system specs? Do you experience slow down with the theme? Have you tried to change the video playback engine from BigBox options (VLC / Windows Media Player)?
  2. It's the old version at the moment (approval pending). You need to download it from here to get the latest 2.0 version.
  3. Where did you install the theme? Did you download it here, from BigBox or did you make changes with the project files for Community Theme Creator?
  4. Wallview. You should map key to switch the views. Easier to change views.
  5. I'm not entirely sure what you need to change, but I bet you could make all the required changes to the theme with the Community Theme Creator and the files I have provided here: Please remember that these files do not include the wallviews.
  6. Thanks Dan. I really appreciate it. It was a tough one, but finally it's over.
  7. Sorry to hear that. Can't really figure why it's not working for you. Try a clean separate Launchbox install maybe.
  8. Looks like the old Pulse version. Delete the whole Pulse theme folder, unzip the 2.0 and from the theme management options change theme to something else then change back to Pulse. Remember to clear image cache from options.
  9. Can you post a screenshot of the problem or short video clip?
  10. Version 2.0 is now finished and ready to download: Hopefully it does not have too many bugs.
  11. It's coming in the next version. Not yet available. I'm currently testing it.
  12. ? I'm not sure if I understand. Box Art should be available to select for image type, if you are using the Community Theme Tool in GameTextView. If you are referring the BigBox options, they do not usually work with custom themes that are made with the Community Theme Tool like Pulse.
  13. I now know what triggers the crash. You need to click before the video starts in wallview. Then click back to wallview and it crashes. If you let the video start in wallview, it does not crash when returning from the TextGamesView. Really annoying bug. I might change the wallview to start the video immediately. bigbox-crash-vlc-2.mp4
  14. Thanks @faeran for testing! I have two Ryzen builds that have the same problem. No log files created. BigBox is not responding. I might google vlc ryzen related bugs and try few solutions from there.
  15. Hi, I found a problem with the WallView including videos. If I change the view quickly between the WallView and the TextGamesView BigBox crashes. This happens in my Pulse theme also. Windows Media Player does not crash, but there are problems with videos not loading at all. bigbox-crash-vlc.mp4
  16. Now there is a view with the separate logo. Good idea. It fits in this view.
  17. I know there is some demand for the logos. The thing with the logos is that usually a double logo is considered bad design (same logo visible on the boxart), the other problem with logos are the variations in dimensions. For example if I would replace the title with logo, it would not look balanced because the sizes vary so much. Some logos would look good and some would look too small. I could try to add the logo somewhere else, like above the video where there is plenty of room. I'll give it a shot.
  18. Thank you for the kind words. I think this might actually be the ending for me once I'm finished. Might return if tools and software evolve to a point where anything is possible.
  19. Final preview. Did some major last minute changes. Now I'm going to test this for a few days. Might publish next saturday if all goes well.
  20. Not yet. I'm still doing changes. Trying to make the views different to each other so there would be more variation. I'm also testing this a lot more, so I don't need to make patches once I publish.
  21. Almost there. Any critical comments? Good enough to publish? I will make some changes to platform and system specific views.
  22. One wall view almost done 😂 Screenshots from BigBox:
  23. The hardest view to design and I made this in 15 minutes... Did I miss something from here? I could reorganize everything but personally I think this is it.
  24. Few changes to the first three views. Simplified System Menu Wheel with screenshot Wheel with video (video crop will change in the future, when we get viewbox working correctly in BigBox) This has screenshot carousel (now looping 2 screenshots)
  25. I just LOVE the new features y2guru has implemented to the Community Creator Tool (Grid, Dock, Stack). Thanks to him and those who have helped to make the tool as versatile as it currently is. Now I can finally build the views I have wanted. Pulse is going to be basically rebuild and some of the current views will not look and feel the same after I'm finished. These screenshots are taken from BigBox, so it's nice to see, that I can make the designs as I intended and don't need to make any compromises.
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