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  1. The hardest view to design and I made this in 15 minutes... Did I miss something from here? I could reorganize everything but personally I think this is it.
  2. Few changes to the first three views. Simplified System Menu Wheel with screenshot Wheel with video (video crop will change in the future, when we get viewbox working correctly in BigBox) This has screenshot carousel (now looping 2 screenshots)
  3. I just LOVE the new features y2guru has implemented to the Community Creator Tool (Grid, Dock, Stack). Thanks to him and those who have helped to make the tool as versatile as it currently is. Now I can finally build the views I have wanted. Pulse is going to be basically rebuild and some of the current views will not look and feel the same after I'm finished. These screenshots are taken from BigBox, so it's nice to see, that I can make the designs as I intended and don't need to make any compromises.
  4. Transition & animation test. I will highlight the selected item more.
  5. Ok, I knew this time would come. We might finally need to put the theme to rest and move on.
  6. Hi Dan! I just knew you would say something about those icons and I did them anyways. Don't worry, I'm going to change them.
  7. Updates. First wall view version. I think this is possible to make, not entirely sure.
  8. Doing some updating for Pulse. Need to make the wall views. I thought I could just use the Community Theme Creator Tool, but it seems I need to enter the matrix to build them ?‍? Better start learning the new Community Tool first and update the current views. Lot's of work there also ? Here's a screenshot for one of the wheels I have redesigned. First draft.
  9. You need the logo file and put that in the right folder (LaunchBox\Themes\Pulse\Images\Platforms\Clear Logo\Steam.png)
  10. Yeah I know, sorry about that. The animation configurations are wrong. At the time I didn't know how to handle the animations in that view, so I made mistakes. Unfortunately I'm not doing any updates to my older themes. You could try to fix it yourself with the files provided for the Community Theme Creator tool.
  11. I have no idea. The theme is quite old, so there might be some compatibility issues with the latest launchbox versions. You could try to rebuild the theme with the latest community creator tool.
  12. Hi, I will clean the logos and few other things for the next update. Don't hold your breath though.
  13. Thanks for the info. Sadly I can't really do anything about it untill I know what triggers the crashes. I'm going to update the theme once the new Theme Creator tool is ready, hopefully that will resolve the issues.
  14. Strange, No one else has reported any crashing problems. It's been made with the latest Community Theme Creator tool. You could try to build the theme yourself and see if it works.
  15. When the new Community Creator Tool is published, I will do the wall views and tweak the others too. Until then you will just have to manage without or use POC.
  16. Do you have Photoshop or Gimp? You should be able to make it yourself:
  17. You can use this to make the changes to the theme: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/2115-community-theme-creator-for-bigbox/ Here are the theme files: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/2525-allnightlong-community-theme-creator-tool-files/ Theme does not include assets for all platforms. You will have to make your own, or search the forums for the missing ones.
  18. You could do these changes with the community theme creator tool quite easily. Just download the creator files I have provided for Pulse and start experimenting with it.
  19. Nice job! Thanks for sharing this and glad you like the theme.
  20. The colors look a bit too vibrant? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-ST-TERRORPODS-Psychosis-/124271463610?_ul=IL
  21. The Atari 2600 image was too small! I will fix it and check the others too.
  22. I will fix the Capcom logos and few others I have found. Going to slightly tweak few of the views also.
  23. Marvellous Dan! Just like I imagined this to work. I can make the layouts, and others can contribute by making device images, fan art and logos (Not so keen on those myself.)
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