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  1. Thanks for fixing this in the latest update!
  2. Okay so update to let you know that I think you're on the right track. Since you mentioned those folders, I tried removing the "playlist", "platform", and "platform categories" folders from the background music folder entirely. The result is that now when Big Box loads, after the initial random song plays, it shuffles to another random song. BUT... after that it continues alphabetically after the 2nd random song. Example song order: "Mega Man 2 Theme">"Click Clock Wood">"Clock Town Theme">"Cloud Cuckoo Land">etc. Once I enter games lists from the platform list, Launchbox makes the "platform" folder again in the background music, and it shuffles back to the first song alphabetically (as in something starting with A). Hope this helps to unravel the mystery a bit more.
  3. Thanks for looking into this C-beats! This seems to still be happening on my end in 10.10. I do have both a "Playlists" and "Platforms" folder in //Launchbox/Music/Background/. Only a couple of the "Platforms" folders have any tracks in them (Wii), which has 4 tracks, and nothing in "playlists". I currently have it set to not play any platform/playlist specific background music though, and just use the overall BG music for everything. So Bigbox starts, a random song plays, and then it starts back at the alphabetically first song again after. The issue is still present for me in both 10.9 and 10.10. Happy to answer any other questions if it would help!
    It's so beautiful 😭 The minimal aesthetic let's the colors really pop. If you could ever find it in your heart to adapt a 21:9 version, you would be my hero. In the meantime, I'm rocking the black bars because it's that good.
  4. I love the theme! Quick question: how do you view the box art as shown in some of the screenshots? Thanks!
  5. Also Bump. I messaged with Jason a while back, and he tried to help figure out the issue. I showed him my folder tree, and he was kind of stumped and unable to reproduce it on his end. It's weird that it doesn't seem to affect everyone.
  6. Sure thing. Thanks for any advice you can offer.
  7. So it’s happening with global background music (in the “Background” subfolder for music), not platform specific. It does happen every time I run Big Box. If I hit the key designated to skip to the next song, it will shuffle toa random song. However, if I just let the music run (even after skipping) it cycles back to that first alphabetical song again after the previous track finishes. I’m not sure what might be different in my set-up. I’ve tried removing meta data for the songs to no avail.
  8. Loving the work on pinball! Wanted to report a bug I've found. If you have background music on in Big Box, the music won't actually shuffle. It will shuffle the first track when it loads, but then it will always go back to the first alphabetical track.
  9. Late to the thread, but I’ve noticed this same problem. It’s slowly making me hate the animal crossing theme, which is a real shame.
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