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  1. Best RetroArch core list

    would be good to get the updated list. and tu upload it in this format : "cores\mess_libretro.dll" Then, in order to quickly edit all the cores per platform, I assume we just have to edit the emulators.xml file and voilà! someone can share his up-to-date best cores emulators.xml file ? or the list of cores ?
  2. Best RetroArch core list

    super noob question, are the default cores picked by Launchbox based on a vote or something ? Or is it Jason who made the default core choice based on his own experience?
  3. Thanks for clarifying this Aevans0001 I think i'll wait for the new packages released by exo...it seems like it will be a way easier to import everything properly.
  4. you mean change from covers to screenshots? is this needed ?
  5. Hi guys, I'm one the ones who tried to follow this tutorial, and ended up with the same missing covers issue after the scrape. ...and yeah...I'm one of the guys who *#!!* deleted the install.bat files stupidly.... BUT for those who made that mistake, you just have to reinstall exodos by clicking the setup exodos.bat file. It wil regenerate all the games frm their respective zip, right into the !dos folder. So no worries! I guess we should wait for Jason to build something proper, as messing with the metadata is a risky business.... So lets hope he will come up with a nice new feature to import both exodos and win3xo properly in a near future. In any circumstance, thank you so much for LB, it really rocks, even without exodos/win3xo being supported for now.