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  1. just to be sure, this one contains the mame realistic bezels pack 1 + 2 + neogeo + red tint + all the rest ? Can I safely overwrite the older files with that one ?
  2. As you might have seen I'm also chit chatting with frenki on that "classic crt overlays" project page. : https://forums.libretro.com/t/classic-crt-collection-overlay-pack-work-in-progress/19322/26?u=meaning It looks like he did all the hard work here, configuring reshade, and other tools, in order to have a great shader + overlays experience, with even overlays swapping based on controller key combinations and stuff. I think it might be a great improvement to figure out how to configure this based on your overlays packs (and others of course, based on the tastes of each one). I did not jump in a real discussion with frenki, but as reshade do use config files like any other app, it might be that his settings could be backuped and shared, and re-applied easily on a per "screen resolution" basis. The advantage of reshade, as far as I got it, is that you easily can apply it to any type of emulator or even windows games.
  3. yes I'm actually using the mame_libretro core for arcade games as well in RA, it simply....works. So I'm using your overlays in RA, but still, if I browse through the png files of the arcade overlays, I can see they "screen" of each isn't exactly located at the same X and Y axis position. And that some screens sizes are different. Therefore, correct me if I'm wrong, it is not possible to apply a default X and Y position + default resolution for each horizontal & vertical game. As an example, I'm using these overlays for consoles and computer systems : https://forums.libretro.com/t/classic-crt-collection-overlay-pack-work-in-progress/19322 While there are several overlays in that pack, the configuration for each of them is actually unique. respectively : 1080p Settings Value Aspect Ratio Custom Custom Aspect Ratio X Pos 480 Custom Aspect Ratio Y Pos 180 Custom Aspect Ratio Width 960 Custom Aspect Ratio Height 720 Integer Scale Off
  4. Thank you for the links ! I snatched the #1 and the overlays looks great. I had a hard time figuring out how to adapt my screen size to fit the overlay (in-game menu -> display overlay -> display in the menu -> back to general menu -> video settings -> custom -> adapt the X and Y position and screen size -> activate the shader) So I spent a lot of time configuring this for 1 cab, then I noticed that each cab is "slightly" different and needs adaptation. Question -> could you provide the right video settings together with the cfg files ? for each game ? I assume these are standard in 1080p right ? (and someone could make them based on 4K display as well). This would avoid people to have to configure each game individually, which is a huge amount or work. Once again, thank you for the great work, and please join us on discord if you have some time! (I pinged you recently
  5. Man I love you. I just discovered all your overlays and they look incredible. Question, are you hosting a complete set of your overlays somewhere? maybe a share google drive or something ? where you add all your bezels little by little ? I also found your handhelds overlays on youtube, and I'm not sure they are the latest / full set. May I ask you for a link where everything can be grabbed ? As I'm a pure noob when it comes to overlay configuration, I'd be really happy to catch you up on LB discord server if you are around there! thanks again for your wonderful work !
  6. Hi Exo, can you please give me the discord server invite link? thanks!!!
  7. Hey there, as I stated, exo already released the new (launchbox friendly) versions of part of his exodos collection. so, my suggestion would be to be patient, and stick to the adventure (3.1) and rpg (3.0) packs for now. This will ensure you an easy integration of those games.
  8. ah I didn't know that. well you learned me something dude thanks !
  9. Yeah, I believe that if core mame2016 is used, there are not SO much games not working. And at least it's easy peazy to configure the controls etc. only need to do it once (laziness inside)...
  10. hi neil9000, indeed, as I reinstalled everything from scratch, I've chose "retroarch" as emu and was planning to either use retroarch for easiness of config, or either mame that i would have confgured later. Thanks for the good advice !!!
  11. Hi guys, I had to rebuild my LB library from scratch lately and did import my mame 0.194 merged set. Thing is, I usually had a last "screen" with several checkboxes allowing me to avoid importing clones, etc. This screen doesn't shown anymore and I now end up with all these terrible clones, adult games, gamble games etc. (8500+ games in total). Any clue how I can fix this ? thanks !!!
  12. Hi there, Thanks for replying so fast. I know it is possible to manually select games and "merge" them. But I'd rather make use of the "consolidate" option as it makes it automatically, right ? I don't see myself doing this manually on such a big amount of roms. Thing is, the consolidate tool operates strangely, as I stated: 1. it is only possible to run it per platform 2. it has to be launched several times per platform in order to display a single version of each game (depending on how much version of the same game you have) So, my question was more -> is there any way to consolidate all platforms at once, and avoid having to re-run the consolidation tool several times per platform in order to hide all these double, triple, etc. games ? Sorry if I wasn't clear enough in my initial post
  13. Are you sure about that ? I see no option except "consolidate roms for current platform"
  14. hello Guys, Quick question about consolidation of roms. When I run a consolidation I see that LB merges "two" roms in one, but, if I have, let say, 5 versions of the same rom, I have to restart the consolidation process again and again, till all the extra roms are consolidated. Is there any way to make it consolidate all version in one single time ? Also, is there any plan to implement consolidation of all the system at once ? doing this for each system one by one is really time consuming. Thanks !!!
  15. Hi Guys, I have an issue when asking launchbox to extract a rom before launching it. When I check the box, then run the game, launchbox opens my default extraction app (7zip) and shows me the content of the zip/7z, or whatever compressed file within the 7zip interface. And nothing happens next to that... What am I doing wrong here? Isn't launchbox supposed to just do this extraction in the back and just run the rom (usually a cue, bin or other iso file i keep zipped for obvious space saving reasons). Thanks !!!
  16. would be good to get the updated list. and tu upload it in this format : "cores\mess_libretro.dll" Then, in order to quickly edit all the cores per platform, I assume we just have to edit the emulators.xml file and voilà! someone can share his up-to-date best cores emulators.xml file ? or the list of cores ?
  17. super noob question, are the default cores picked by Launchbox based on a vote or something ? Or is it Jason who made the default core choice based on his own experience?
  18. Thanks for clarifying this Aevans0001 I think i'll wait for the new packages released by exo...it seems like it will be a way easier to import everything properly.
  19. Hi guys, I'm one the ones who tried to follow this tutorial, and ended up with the same missing covers issue after the scrape. ...and yeah...I'm one of the guys who *#!!* deleted the install.bat files stupidly.... BUT for those who made that mistake, you just have to reinstall exodos by clicking the setup exodos.bat file. It wil regenerate all the games frm their respective zip, right into the !dos folder. So no worries! I guess we should wait for Jason to build something proper, as messing with the metadata is a risky business.... So lets hope he will come up with a nice new feature to import both exodos and win3xo properly in a near future. In any circumstance, thank you so much for LB, it really rocks, even without exodos/win3xo being supported for now.
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