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Metallic Theme

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A metallic theme with or without videos. 
16:9 monitors HIGHLY recommanded


  • 5 views for plateforms list
  • New navigation system
  • New UI
  • Background + Banner for every system



  1. Extract archive in "LaunchBox\Themes"
  2. Choose Metallic in Options > Views > Theme
  3. Disable "show Filters Favorite Games" in Option > Views.
  4. I advise to change Options > Transitions > Background Transition to "Slide Vertical"

Todo List:

  • Complete Banners
  • Add new views for games lists


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Some details:
There is still much work to accomplish: a lot of banners to make and I want to customize games lists like the systems UI. 

I'll be on holidays for more than a week, and so, if there're some bugs (or other things), please wait :).
You can make banners yourselves if you want to. It's relatively easy: create a .PNG with the same dimensions as others and name it as you want. You can also copy the blank .png (like SNK NeoGeo per example) for any other plateform I didn't cover. ;) 

Don't hesitate to post your comments here :)

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22 minutes ago, AeronNL said:

Looks awesome!

will check it out later and see if it looks good as wel on my 4:3 bartop setup. I sure hope so!

is it possible to switch between "recent" and "favourites" in the bottom box?


Then... you will be disappointed... :(
This isn't working on a 4:3 monitor. Because all the UI was designed for 16:9, everything will be stretched. 
For 4:3, we have to remake every element and adjust it in every .xaml. Like create a new theme, in fact.  

But it's something I will work on later, I think. It will stays in the back of my mind and won't go away if I don't do anything about it xD

For the question about the "Favorites" box, not for the moment... But I plan to add a lot of tweaks and it may be a new option, yes. 

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A first update in order to avoid the problem of Favorites and/or Recent games. Thanks to @AeronNL
Also, I fixed some visual bugs and added a header bar. I prefer like that, Better visual impact. :) 

I've a ton of new ideas for this theme, it's far from finished :ph34r:


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Last update (0.5.3) before I leave: 


Because I was not satisfied with the wheel views, I changed the looking of the UI and adjusted backgrounds size according to it. I think it's the best and main view of this theme now. :)
From now, I will work on games views for a release around the end of the next week. 

Sorry for these multiple updates, but I am rarely happy of what I'm doing. I always want to fixe/change/correct/reajust a lot of things... :ph34r:

EDIT: A video:



Edited by niglurion
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