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Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set


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You guys are awesome!  Maybe I'm just missing them but I downloaded the last complete batch and I think if you guys are able, these are needed:

Nintendo Super Game Boy, Zinc, Watara Supervision, V-Tech Creativision, Touhou Project, Technos, Spectravideo, RCA Studio II, Philips VG 5000, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Console Hacks, DICE, Big Fish Games.

That's all I can come up with that might be missing from your master list based off of my hold hyper setup.  Your guys artwork is first class.  A sincere thank you for all that you've done.

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I like to keep my arcade platforms seperated out into the main companies that produced the games. For instance I also like to group my CPS1,CPS2,and CPS3 all together into a Capcom Classics wheel. And everything else that does not go on these wheels down below goes into the Arcade Classics platform. I was wondering if you would mind creating these wheels for me with the silver ring. Thanks everyone!


Atari Classics.png

Capcom Classics.png

Data East Classics.png

Irem Classics.png

Konami Classics.png

Midway Classics.png

Namco Classics.png

Nintendo Classics.png

Sega Classics.png

SNK Classics.png

Taito Classics.png

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1.3 UPDATE ! up to 192 platform logo :o

@kmoney : I need more time for your "Classic" serie. Sorry.

I add :

  • American Laser Games
  • Big Fish Games (Not sure of the choice of logo)
  • Data East
  • Dice (Not sure of the choice of logo)
  • HB Mame
  • Mugen
  • PC Engine
  • PC Engine CD
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Philips VG 5000
  • RCA Studio II
  • Technos (Not sure of the choice of logo)
  • Touhou (Not sure of the choice of logo)
  • ZINC

Some missing, but I dont know what look every single logo. I dont know all the existing games platform. Thank you to put an example, even in low quality that I know what to looking for. Thank you !


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