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Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

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Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set View File Inspired by the work of screenzone.fr, I totally redo a very large set of Platform Clear Logo. New ring. New design.

OK, big UPDATE on the download page.  + 20 Game platform logo   (Included the last arcade video of my set) + 4 Category logo   (Below)

My appointments were slid a few days, so I finished these up tonight. Hope you like 'em!   New_Silver_Ring_Playlist_2.zip

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24 minutes ago, viking said:

Hard to find quality visuals/logo for this set. Sorry =/Nintendo 64DD.pngTiger Game Com.pngHartung Game Master.png

They are more then great no need to apologize your doing a great service.  

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just wanted to thank you for all these great logos.

Also, I use more than one category for my PC games, so I made this for my setup.

Maybe it could be useful to someone?




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