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Amiga Emulation / FS-UAE: A Comprehensive Tutorial + Launchbox Integration

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Sorry, not sure what to tell you there. It's working normally for me via Big Box.

This is what it looks like in FS-UAE.

image.thumb.png.8560d00c12b020cd00f033bf124aedb1.pngAnd in Big Box:


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Doublechecked and everything is selected like in your pictures @Zombeaver. I am going to try it on a second system and see if it gives me the same problems.

Another thing I noticed is that it almost seems like it loads another controller-profile when launching through Big Box - to activate the ingame FS-UAE menu for instance, I suddenly need to push both the "View" and "Menu" button, instead of just the "Menu"-button. Is this part of another FS-UAE standard controller setup? And if so, I wonder what makes my config load that?

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