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When I read around on this forum I have the impression that there's a big majority here that uses Launchbox as a ROM launcher. 

I on the other hand am hoping it can replace Collectorz Game Collector as my games database front end. A while ago I sent a feature request to Collectorz asking for a possibility to add local videos (instead of just a youtube player) to the games "details" page. The answer I got was pretty off-putting: "nobody wants that, and they're focusing on "the cloud". Since I dislike everything DRM (I can't view a video from within my database if I'm offline or the youtube video is removed), LB seems like a possible perfect replacement!

So I'd like a way to import my Collectorz database (txt, xml, csv). I'm sure I'm not the only one that has made the move to LB from some other database (program)? I have 2 collections in Collectorz: my boxed PC games and my GOG collection. I made a crude conversion of my GOG database by scanning the installation exe files in my GOG folder, but transferring all my manual additions would be a giant undertaking... So I'm not only asking for a simple import, but also to import data in an existing LB database (e.g. replace the LB descriptions with the descriptions from a csv file).

I've seen this request (or something like it) on this forum somewhere, but it was an old topic. Is this really a low priority? Are "database converts" such a small minority that the LB developer doesn't want to invest time in it?

And something else: how about adding the front cover to the details pane? (especially for when viewing in list mode). And the Box - Front reconstructed should be view-able as a replacement for Box - Front for all those digital-only releases!

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Hi teceem.

On the subject of showing the Box front in the Details pane (LaunchBox right sidebar), currently the direct options don't allow for Box fronts.

As a workaround go to Tools, Options, Screenshot Priorities and tick the Box-front box.
This will add the game Box covers to the Details pane.
If you want the Box to show above the game screenshot, just move it up the priorities list.

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35 minutes ago, spycat said:

As a workaround go to Tools, Options, Screenshot Priorities and tick the Box-front box.
This will add the game Box covers to the Details pane.
If you want the Box to show above the game screenshot, just move it up the priorities list.

Ideally, I'd like it above the description, separate from the screenshots.

But this is already a huge improvement! Thanks a lot, spycat!


edit: has the following been requested yet?
I'd like the pictures on the details pane to be scaled (up or down) to a maximum width (px). Preferably a custom setting per type...

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I am also wondering about support for external data import.  Much like teceem's initial post, I have a vast library (and I am talking at least 10k records) over various platforms, varying information, stores etc.  I have spent many hours getting this into some sort of shape using the "other" db, so would be very interested in a feature to import that hard work from csv/xml rather than starting again.  Actually lauching things doesn't interest me much, just the databasing side.

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Yeah me too.  I also use Game Collector and I'd love to convert to using Launchbox.  The fact I cant import is the only reason preventing me from switching to Launchbox just now.  I've got over 1000 PC games and Ill be damned if I need to manually input all those games back in LB to use it.  Game Collector exports to txt file, xls and csv.  Surely it cant be that difficult for Launchbox to support reading from them?


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Same thing here.  But with databases from the Hyperspin xml files.  Even with the new playlist feature, I can't seem to just tick a box like it was in filters, and get all of the games under Arcade, from a certain developer.  I have typed the name in the search, but I never get the same amount of games show up in Launchbox as I have in my HS databases.  Unless you can add to a playlist in the audit feature?  Maybe that would be a decent solution.  But still, so much easier to just import an already finished database and have it match the game names from that and import those into a playlist, or a platform if you are doing a first import.

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Well, it's not hard to convert those (horribly formatted) xml files to launchbox format:

However it's just not worth it to convert it 1:1 since alot of what launchbox is asking for is missing and theres no way to get the launchbox id to access the graphics and other metadata.

What i could do, is generate a folder structure from the xml files which you could then import into launchbox via the import wizard, that would then also get the correct id's from launchbox database and scrape everything automatically.


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OK here it goes:

You need Python 2.7 (https://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.7.13/python-2.7.13.msi)

  1. Copy the attached file into a folder with your export.xml from GCZ GC and doubleclick it...
  2. Depending on how many games are in the xml file you might see a console window or it will just flash and close again.
    You will now have a folder named "output" which contains all your game titles with the extension .IZE (lol :P)
  3. Start LaunchBox
  4. In LaunchBox goto Tools->Import->Rom Files...
  5. Next -> Add Folder and choose the new "output" folder. Click Next
  6. Choose the platform for the games (for your example choose Windows) and click next
  7. Choose an "Emulator", which one doesn't matter and click next
  8. Choose "Use the files in their current location" and click next
  9. Click both checkboxes if you want or just leave the launchbox db checked and click next
  10. Choose your desired art and click next
  11. Emumovies? Click next
  12. You can uncheck everything here if you want and click next
  13. Launchbox will now parse the files and show you an overview, click FINISH!

Launchbox will now import all the games and download the metadata and graphics.

After the import process you can delete the output folder.


Hope it works for you :)


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