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Stop the big grey game hover/selection box


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When moving the mouse cursor over games in the selection window, or selecting a game, a big grey box appears around the game. This looks quite ugly and detracts from the illusion of the pictures representing physical media. Is there any way I can turn this off, or at least make it a lot smaller or less obtrusive? Thanks.

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That's not currently possible actually, and that might be the first time I've ever heard that as a request, but then also how would you know what game is selected? Ignoring the side bar in LaunchBox, assume the game details bar was hidden. That is a good request, and I believe to be unique, so you're more than welcome to request that on the BitBucket by clicking Issues/Requests at the top. I do think this would most likely get rolled in to the Theme options (however basic compared to Big Box), for LaunchBox, which is a Premium Feature.

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Many thanks SentaiBrad for your reply. Perhaps I should have stated - I am using Launchbox rather than Bigbox, and did purchase Premium.

I am somewhat surprised that you had not heard mention of this issue before. I suppose it is an aesthetic issue - as I am running Launchbox on OSX via the Parallels app, I am keen for the aesthetic element to be there. I had been using Openemu on the Mac which is aesthetically very smooth and slick, though Launchbox is far more versatile and has more features. Of course, Launchbox on the Mac would be ideal though I understand that this may be some time off yet!

How would I know what game is selected? A valid point indeed. Personally, as I always have the info panel open on the right side of the screen I could easily tell by looking at that. I understand that if this panel is not open (and many users may prefer it this way) then it may be a challenge to know what game is selected. One way of looking at it is - if you don't know what game is selected, then just select the one you want to select! A more considered approach might be to tone down the selection graphic. Openemu uses a very thin blue line around the selected game box art and it looks very clean. The "problem" with Launchbox in this regard is that the box art is not always square; for example it could be a 3D box, and so the selection line would not sit flush with the edges of the box. Having said that, a thin line around the perimeter of the box art would still be very much preferable to a big blocky grey square.

Another approach - sure, keep the big blocky square for indicating the selected item. But why is this square required when the mouse pointer is just hovering over an item. You know the mouse pointer is there, so you don't need the big grey square to confirm it!

I hope that I am making myself understandable and that you can see some merit in my suggestions. Oh and by the way, great app - I use HS on another machine and Launchbox is certainly a lot easier to set up!

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Hi @Dan

As others have pointed out, you can't disable this, but you can make it less obvious (if you have Premium) by going to Tools, Options, Theme Features and enabling the Colourize Game Selections tickbox.
Depending on your Colour Theme and Background, this can tone down the grey box considerably.
See the 2 images below which show the Colourize Game Selections feature off and on with my Cadet Blue theme.



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Spycat - that looks like a good workaround, many thanks. I do have premium and am looking at customising the various colours. But I cannot find the item which changes the colour of the game hover/selection box! I can change all sorts of other things like the colour of the menu bar selection, and even the edges of the colour of the menu bar selection, but I'm struggling with the game selection box! Any help appreciated!

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Thanks for the workaround. Default and custom theme blocks the "colorize game selection" feature. I'd like to push for more edibility (editability) of the LB interface.  The more control the user has the more satisfied they will be with the software, especially if they don't have to attempt full blown themeing .  I edited the "aero"  theme for windows 7 and had a fun but frustrating time, the software was no where as user friendly as this. It took a lot of trail and error. A UI is something you have to interact with all the time, the more control the merrier.  

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