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  1. I was wondering why folks here have chosen Launchbox over other frontends such as Hyperspin, Emulation Station etc. My main reasons are: 1. Relatively easy setup 2. The right balance between media overload and clean presentation 3. The ability to have sub-wheels (HS does not allow this at present) 4. The ongoing active development of the app and the active community
  2. It would be pretty handy for there to be a feature in LB which lists ALL of the possible systems and perhaps the number of available games for those systems. I don't think that the LB Games Database does this?
  3. ExoDOS Import

    eXo - might it be an idea to release an all-in-one 3.11 pack containing the 5 packs, which might then be easier to add in to Launchbox?
  4. ExoDOS Import

    Great news! Can we point 3.11 at the 3.1 torrent to just make the changes, or do we need to start afresh? And how long until 3.111? Do you recommend that we remove all exodos stuff from LB and start afresh with these 3 3.11 torrents?
  5. ExoDOS Import

    Quick question regarding eXoDOS import. I'm currently importing the eXoDOS strategy collection manually (yeah I know...my preferred method). I have copied across all the images and manuals to the correct locations. My question is regarding the metadata folders. I see that the eXoDOS strategy zip file has a "metadata" folder. The contents of this folder look similar to the corresponding folder in my own Launchbox/Metadata directory. However, the eXoDOS metadata folder has 3 .xml files - files.xml, mame.xml and metadata.xml. I'm not sure why the eXoDOS zip has a mame.xml, and I'm wondering why there is no MS-DOS.xml like there is in my Launchbox folder! How do I copy across the relevant XML data so that I can run the games from my Launchbox? Thanks!
  6. Nostalgia |4:3| video Set

    Sorry to hear that Viking (about not making any more system videos, not the children)! Thanks for all the great work you had done. I would gladly continue it, had I the necessary knowledge and skills. Hopefully someone else can do so!
  7. Would be great to have some kind of "official" Launchbox media manager.
  8. ExoDOS Import

    I think I will go down the conservative route and copy the assets across manually with the xmls combined rather than risk any automated process!
  9. ExoDOS Import

    I'm downloading a free MAME ROM torrent, and it's downloading OK though apart from for the first 10 minutes, no one seems to be seeding from me. Currently at 40GB downloaded but only 19MB uploaded!
  10. ExoDOS Import

    GR8 is it going to turn "free"? My ratio won't allow me to start the download right now.
  11. ExoDOS Import

    Looking forward to the next 3.1 packs
  12. Me too! Will be following your posts with interest. Just subscribed to your YouTube.
  13. Out of interest....is this the “largest” LB collection we know about? Pipes do you know of any bigger ones?
  14. Sty, don’t forget that “platforms” includes playlists/collections as well as physical systems. I have asked for a list of the platforms but this has not yet been made available. And there are more than 130 systems. A lot more!