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  1. BarTop Theme

    Looks great! But no update for a year?
  2. eXoDOS/Win3Xo, MEAGER export and LB 6.x

    Oh great! Any hint of a timeframe?
  3. eXoDOS/Win3Xo, MEAGER export and LB 6.x

    Yeah, likewise. Keen to hear any input from @Jason Carr as well, in terms of where things are with this.
  4. Stop the big grey game hover/selection box

    Word play aside, definite +1 for maximum editability or customisability of the LB user interface!
  5. Launchbox messes up shared assets

    I thought this issue of renaming media had been fixed, according to what Jason mentioned in another thread?
  6. ExoDOS Import

    Exo, is your tool any use for exporting to something that Hyperspin can use? If not then would yoo consider adding that functionality? Or is HS a different kettle.l of fish? cheers
  7. ExoDOS Import

    Looking forward to the progress here. On a side note - are there any thoughts on doing something similar for the GOG pack? It's bigger than the exodos pack at around 0.51TB, though the games are less in number.
  8. eXoDOS/Win3Xo, MEAGER export and LB 6.x

    Hi eXo, quick question regarding the exoDOS and Win3xO packages. I put them both in the same directory with all games in a joint games subdirectory. I ran the Win3xO batch file and it seems to be decompressing all the artwork. Do I still need to run the exoDOS batch file afterwards? Thanks. Edit: tried it with just the Win3xO batch file. Started Meagre - get the error message: "no data found - please check folders". I have not moved any folders around - simply left things in the root folder as suggested. Any help appreciated. Edit2: seems it doesn't like having the & symbol in the directory name. Removed that, changed it in the meagre.ini file and now it's loading the folders.
  9. eXoDOS/Win3Xo, MEAGER export and LB 6.x

    I'm currently about 15% into my download of exodos 2.0....should I cancel this and await 3.0?
  10. ExoDOS Import

    Just wondering how the work is progressing here
  11. Love the overlay effect for these old games. Would change the background to something more nostalgic though, like a dusty shelf or something
  12. eXoDOS/Win3Xo, MEAGER export and LB 6.x

    Any updates on the integration agenda here? Been 5 months since the last post. Great work eXo BTW.
  13. Launchbox OS X

    Any updates here? Bootcamp is fine but it would be nice to see a native Mac solution.
  14. Neo Geo X stick not recognised

    Certainly, here it is: https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/PC-Video-Games/New-2013-Neo-Arcade-stick-Controller-STOCK/B00B85XKU8/ref=sr_1_sc_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1484750027&sr=8-4-spell&keywords=neogeox Or: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Neogeo-x-Arcade-Stick-For-Use-with-the-Neogeo-x-Station-Only-NEW-/351934494632?hash=item51f0ee37a8:g:iNAAAOSwnHZYU6qc Or: http://neogeox.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=51 Or: http://www.superufo.com/products/snk/SNK_NeoGeo_X_Arcade_Stick.html Hope his helps! I haven't tried it without the USB adapter as my machine is USB-C only. I will try it on another machine in the house, hopefully later today, and let you know.
  15. Neo Geo X stick not recognised

    Or shall I send you mine