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  1. Dan

    Region issue

    My aim is to have the different regions for a platform listed under the platform. I have imported all games for the platform without combining, so each ROM is listed separately. Making auto-playlists for region works. The root folder contains all the roms (including multiple versions for region) and the region folders just contain the roms for that region. See: The problem is, I don't want the duplication in the root folder, as I want the game counts to be accurate. I therefore tried combining games, and making sure the region field contained all the relevant regions. This works, but there is one problem - the same "version" of the game appears as the default under each region. For example, the North America version will be the default for North America, Japan and Europe. So my question is - how can I make it so that the correct version appears in each of the auto-populated playlists (whilst still being able to combine the games)?
  2. Dan

    8.8-beta-1 Released

    Just loaded up the new beta (8.2) for the first time. 2 of my platform categories (computers and consoles) just show 0. There used to be 5 or 6 platform in each before! Any advice? See pic: EDIT: switching around the view settings seems to have fixed it!
  3. Dan

    8.8-beta-1 Released

    Brilliant update Jason! This feature will take the organisational capabilities of Launchbox onto another level. Nice work. Sounds like the teething issues are being addressed pretty pronto too. Going to try it out as soon as the update has finished. Quick question - there's a lot of talk about nesting categories & platforms etc. Can it be used to group ROMs? For example, having USA and JAP under NES, for example?
  4. Thanks @dragon57 - also, any chance of a Windows 3.1 one? Would go great with the win3xo collection!
  5. I don't see the Viking one in the list in Launchbox - do I have to download it from somewhere else?
  6. Any chance of a Nintendo Super Famicom vid?
  7. Dan

    Missing 3D Boxes for MAME.

    Thanks a lot. I think the photoy2k box isn't correct though. Keep em' coming!
  8. Further to my post above, the problem has currently disappeared. No idea why The only thing that I have done is an image cleanup. Whether that was related to it, I don't know. Glad the problem has gone away for now. Will let you know if any more developments. Thanks for the input
  9. Dan


    My NAS is not a Windows PC - it is an actual NAS - Synology DS1812+. The files are accessible from my PC over the network (ethernet). It was my understanding that the standard Backblaze would not cover this and that I would have to go the uber-expensive business route as described above. Delighted to be corrected if I am wrong!
  10. Dan


    NAS is setup as per usual - NAS connected to router, with other devices in the house accessing it over wifi or ethernet.
  11. Dan


    Because the standard one doesn’t do NAS, right?
  12. Dan


    Backblaze personal doesn't do NAS though, right? I see that the business plan does "NAS backup via B2" but this costs $5 per terabyte per month. So say you have 25TB of data on your NAS, that is $125 per month or $1500 a year. This is not a tenable solution for a Launchbox user. Is there any affordable way to back up a NAS to the cloud?
  13. Dan

    8.7-beta-1 Released

    I would echo Fistydollars’ point about the total game counts - the total game count is useful to know how many actual games you have for a platform, and including duplicates as contained in various playlists doesn’t seem to fit with this.
  14. Many thanks for your replies @Jason Carr. If you haven’t come across this problem elsewhere then it is likely something specific to my machine. The funny thing is that I’m fairly sure that the problem didn’t exist up until around a month ago, and I have been using Launchbox (including with MAME) for around 2 years now. Interesting thought regarding the under-performing. The CPU does seem to be almost maxing out though - with LB using around 85% on average at these times. Is it possible that it is an image caching problem? I have wondered about this as my LB seems to re-cache images fairly often. Does caching use CPU or GPU? Also, if I "narrow" the windows contents in MAME by doing a search for a game and then editing, the problem doesn't occur.
  15. Dan


    Are any of these online services good for users in the UK?