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  1. ExoDOS Import

    There should be some sort of fund for this eXo! Do you pay for it all yourself or do you have donations etc?
  2. MAMEUI64 won't remember roms!

    Many thanks for your reply. As it happens, the problem appears to have resolved itself spontaneously (as far as I can tell). If it recurs, I will take heed of the above! Cheers
  3. I set MAMEUI64 to scan my MAME rom directory - it takes around 30 minutes due to the number of files and metadata. However, when I close and re-open MAMEUI64, all the roms are gone - it doesn't seem to remember the roms!! I have to scan it again, which takes ages! Is there a way to get it to remember the scan?
  4. ExoDOS Import

    Easy money for someone
  5. AAE Platform Selection

    I too would like to know the answer to the above.
  6. AAE Emulator? A,erican Laser Games

    So....is there a retro arch core for AAE?
  7. Lightspeed: Ultra-Fast Mame Importer Tool

    Well, I went ahead and imported around 3500 MAME roms via Lightspeed, split into separate systems. And Launchbox (and BB) have become unuseably slow! I thought that maybe it was a cacheing issue, but after leaving it overnight, the issue remains. LB keeps becoming non-responsive every time I try and do something with it
  8. Well, I left it overnight, hoping that it was just cacheing images or something - and the exact same situation this morning For reference, I didn't use the latest version of Lightspeed but a previous one, as we are recommended to do in the lightspeed thread. Having read the above few posts, my next questions are; - how can i "undo" what Lightspeed has done? - how can I import MAME into LB with splitting into the various arcade categories like Lightspeed does?
  9. Interesting....so maybe letting it run overnight will remedy the issue after all?
  10. It's causing major issues - LB goes into not responding every 10 seconds or so and every game is taking ages to appear in LB. To be clear - the laptop is running fine - other apps run at normal speed. It's only LB which is going into a seizure Going to bed now so will leave it on overnight. Hopefully it will be sorted by the morning.
  11. Do you have to scroll through them all or is there a way to make LB do it in the background? Scrolling would take hours at this rate!
  12. OK....leave it on overnight kind of thing? It would be handy if LB gave some indication of what it was doing behind the scenes (e.g. cacheing), rather than leaving the user to guess.
  13. I just imported a bunch of MAME roms & metadata via the Lightspeed importer. 3473 games in all, split into a few different arcade systems. Problem is, LB has since become so slow it is unuseable. After clicking on a platform there is about a 15-20 second delay before the games appear, and then they load slowly one by one. LB intermittently shows as "not responding" on Windows resource monitor, though CPU usage for LB is not particulalry high. Big Box is also correspondingly slow. The NES and SNES consoles I already had in LB are about the same speed as before I think (some manageable delay in LB, but no delay in BB). Any help appeciated!!
  14. Lightspeed: Ultra-Fast Mame Importer Tool

    In the export tab in Lightspeed, there is a picture of an arcade machine on the right. When I click on the games which have marquee/control panel/etc, nothing happens to the arcade machine. Is this normal, or should the art be displayed on the arcade machine?