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  1. Dan

    9.0-beta-1 Released

    Will it re-add any games that have been deleted in LB?
  2. Dan

    9.0-beta-1 Released

    Possible bug in latest beta - when I edit a game and delete the game video path, the video seems to remain when I look at the game details.
  3. Dan

    9.0-beta-1 Released

    I had a similar issue to fawksyeah above - I was having to restart LB for the auto-populated playlists to update following edits to game metadata. @Omen - you can remove the check mark from an auto-populated playlist to turn it into a normal one. Haven’t tried the new auto-generated playlist feature yet, but it sounds excellent - particularly for regions. Does it include every game that “contains” a region, or does it give region exclusives? Would be nice to have an option to do both.
  4. Dan

    9.0-beta-1 Released

    You’d be wrong!
  5. Dan

    9.0-beta-1 Released

    Honestly that would be amazing. I had begun to change my platform names to add the year in brackets afterwards - but that messes up the folder associations and so I have to rename the folders, which takes a while! A nested name would be a lot easier. Or perhaps even better would be a way for LB to do this automatically but I don’t know if that’s on your radar.
  6. Dan

    9.0-beta-1 Released

    Great regarding the items with children now being alphabetically. This leads me to another point - can you change the "nested name" for a platform, just like you can for a playlist? This would be extremely useful!
  7. Dan

    Controller Images

    Just another suggestion for the OP. If you're building a multi-system arcade machine, then you can have just the buttons used for that system/platform light up - this way you know what the buttons are. You can even have the system tell you what each button does on loading a game. This is using LEDblinky software.
  8. Just looking at that screenshot - how come all that width for the platform list, which is unused?
  9. Dan

    Lightspeed: Ultra-Fast Mame Importer Tool

    Doesn't the new MAME wizard with the improved metadata scraping negative an app like this?
  10. I'm not aware of a way to have Launchbox do this. There will be some list online though, and then you would be able to quickly pick out those games in LB and remove them. Personally I prefer to keep them, and just use a controller instead of a wheel & pedals.
  11. Dan

    cabinet in the making

    You have good woodworking skills! I wanted to make my own control panel but don't have the skills or tools
  12. Dan

    new Monitor

    Looks nice!
  13. Dan

    9.0-beta-1 Released

    No problem, point taken. I too had not seen this mentioned elsewhere, hence I had decided to mention it here. If it could go into the poll that would be great. I was just keen to try and describe my vision to others! From my point of view it would take Launchbox to another level and be an amazing addition to have more focus on the platforms with platform videos, images, manuals & related info being available in LB, rather than all the focus being on the games themselves.
  14. Dan

    9.0-beta-1 Released

    GreenGriffon - thank you for the link - I have made suggestions there also, though most of the discussion takes place on the forums and I therefore felt it warranted a mention.
  15. Dan

    9.0-beta-1 Released

    I too would like improvements to the image viewer. I understand that improvements to the game details pane are being considered, where it will be able to show all images associated with a game and not just the fan art and screenshots. I would suggest that either the game details pane and/or the image viewer should have some sort of method of showing the user at a glance which images are available and letting them select the one they want to see - rather than having to scroll through an arbitrary list, as one currently has to do in both the image viewer and the game details pane. The nesting feature is excellent and I’ve experienced no issues with it so far. It does however open up a great opportunity to leverage more info and metadata about the platform category, platform or playlist. I know that you can add “notes” to playlists and platform categories, and can also add some more details to the platforms - but this info is somewhat tucked away with the user having to “edit” to access it (unless you are in BigBox where the platform details can be shown). It would be great if in Launchbox, the user had the ability to display information, images and a platform video (or platform category or playlist video) when selecting the corresponding platform, platform category or playlist. For example, the user could select “Nintendo Entertainment System” under consoles and be presented with information, images and a video relating to the NES. This could for example be shown in the main window, with the games list(s) below the platform. Hope this description is clear!