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  1. Dan

    Futurestate Neon Deluxe (Coming soon)

    What size is your LG marquee monitor? There are black bars at the top and bottom of the image - is there a way to have it fill the whole screen, or would that stretch it to the wrong proportions? Is there a screen that is already the right proportions?
  2. Dan

    Set marquee image priority

    Thanks for the info. Something to look forward to then. Would be great if Launchbox could support 2 extra screens - one for the marquee and one for something else, like a the poster/advert.
  3. Dan

    Futurestate Neon Deluxe (Coming soon)

    What was that marquee monitor you used again?
  4. Dan

    Marquee File Location

    Works fine for me in BigBox.
  5. Dan

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Good re. the spacing being implemented. I would suggest however that having settings for vertical and horizontal "spacing" as well as "padding" is somewhat confusing. It is not clear on what the difference is, and on adjusting them it remained unclear. I wonder if a single setting would be easier to use? Also, I think that being able to set box size (and ideally spacing) settings per platform would be really helpful.
  6. Dan

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Yes, must be nearing the end of this beta now :)
  7. Dan

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Where, GreenGriffon? I don't see it.
  8. Dan

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Nice to be able to press I to view the images fullscreen in BigBox. Would be good to have a keyboard button to view video fullscreen too in BigBox.
  9. Dan

    Set marquee image priority

    Setting up a marquee on a second screen via BigBox is great. But there are many systems that don't have a marquee. By default, BigBox then shows the front box. Is there any way to change what BigBox shows if there is no marquee?
  10. Dan

    Futurestate Neon Deluxe (Coming soon)

    Looking great, and thanks for the tag! A suggestion - make all the arcade machines face the same way. In the first screenshot, 3 are facing to the right (which looks correct) but one is facing to the left (which doesn't look so good and also breaks the consistency). Flipping/mirroring an image is relatively quick and easy.
  11. Dan

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Using the latest beta - the spacing options don't seem to work; is this expected?
  12. Dan

    Better way to view images

    It would be one click rather than two, at least. Just a thought anyway, as this area can be improved.
  13. Dan

    Better way to view images

    Mind reading would be good, but I think that's a while off. In the meantime, some more sensible UI tweaks would probably suffice.
  14. In LBN it is slightly too cumbersome to view images - pressing CTRL+I is a bit too fiddly and unintuitive. Right clicking and then seeking out "view images" is also a bit clunky. Given that media & images are so central to Launchbox, I think they would warrant a slicker and more intuitive way to view them. Perhaps a shortcut on the game details pane. The original launchbox used to/does have quick view icons above every game, but that method doesn't look great IMO and I'm glad it was removed from LBN. On a similar note, when viewing images in LB, all that you see is the image. It would be good to have small thumbnails & labels at the side of the screen, so you can see which images are available and select accordingly!
  15. Dan

    8.3-beta-1 Released

    @Jason Carr - any thoughts on how it can be possible that LB shows these screenshots correctly in the edit window, but not the game details pane? Edit: it works in LB, just not LB Next!