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I've started projects and not finished them (albeit not in a community such as this).   I can't speak for @vice350z, but I've often played around with new programs just to see what I can do with it for fun.   I think it's a good hobby to have and to have fun with.  That's how I fumbled my way around C++ an javascript in the past, and I'm sure some of us have done the same as well.  

At any rate,   I hope that guy sporting a '70s hockey mask comes back adn gives XAML a chance.  Who knows, if he'd be willing to part with the the work he's done so far (even it it is the pics), I'm sure someone in the community would pick it up and finish it while a few of us are interested in it.  I'm curious to see the outcome as well.  He hit a nerve with the nostalgia of playing video games in our bedrooms as kids complete with the era appropriate decorations :)  Cheers.

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On 12/01/2017 at 4:44 AM, vice350z said:

Hallo...just gauging if there's any interest at all in a theme I'm messing around with. Basing it off  skainlurmis 's New Retro Big Box Theme. I like his theme but decided to tinker around a little and make it look like the consoles are in rooms that would match the decade of the console. 

Here's two that are a work in progress...One is for the NES. I didn't change the table/tv and a couple other elements that were already in the NRBB theme..just the wall, a new NES angle (i know the controller is cut off, was just for positioning purposes) and the posters/items/toys.

The SNES one I started from scratch with a new table/tv and all that so that's why its brighter lit up than the original NRBB theme which has the darker arcade setting/lighting.

Any other suggestions/comments? Doesn't necessarily have to be a bedroom...could be any room but using a blank wall as a background with some flooring makes it easier to use posters of the decade in the back.

If there's no real interest that's ok..I'm still going to do them for my own use :)

Here's the two samples. Work in Progress and I've never created a theme before so be gentle lol.

EDIT: Added an update to the SNES pic...didn't like the table open on the bottom so closed it and added some stickers...also some soda and candy.

EDIT 2: 4th image added for SNES...is the actual arcade game in a room too much? I figured this person loves games and may have an arcade in their room too. 






Download themes ?

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2 minutes ago, vice350z said:

Yeah, unfortunately I never got around to doing all the consoles. The SNES one took long enough lol..would take a while to gather images for each of the main systems and put them together in some way in photoshop.

I can see how that would take loads of time; it did come together very nicely. If you ever decide to get back to it, I do have a plugin that would vary the position of a video depending on the system background. I implemented that for the Nostalgia theme. Anyways, I should probably take a break from this theming stuff soon. All work no play ... one day I'll actually start using my collection of games.

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yeah sure, download them from my server. There's the background wall with the posters thats the "fanart" file and then the SNES PSD with the main stuff in the foreground.


SNES Console

I also made a NES version to use as an overlay for my RetroPie NES setup.





In use on my TV



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This is amazing @vice350z!! , i'm trying (for personal use) to do game themes videos and backgrounds using part of your job  (changing toys and game related stuff for every game) and it's incredible, highly customizable and fits perfectly with nearly all themes.

Thanks for sharing the psd files!! It would be amazing if anyone makes more platforms images for this. I tried with nostalgia ones but i can't make them seems natural and i sucks vectorizing or cropping images.

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