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Big noob and already p***ed off about performance

Chris Kant

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Dear all,

some of you might know me from the Hyperspin Forum (yeah that guy with always critics about Launchbox). Today I gave Launchbox another try. the whole day I was trying to import files and nothing else.

Maybe my PC is not fast enough, maybe my internet connection is bad but I cannot understand why this eye candy system has so bad performance. Sure, I will give some information about my pc at the moment:

Mainboard: MSI Z97 G45-Gaming

CPU: Intel i5 4660s @3,2ghz

GraKa: Zotac GeForce 970 4GB

Ram: 4x 4 GB


   Samsung Evo 850 500 GB SSD

   Samsung 3 TB Green

   Samsung 3 TB Red

   Samsung 3 TB Red

   Samsung 3 TB Red


   2x Wireless Xbox 360 Controller

   2x Wireless Xbox One Controller

I have a 120mBit synchronized internet cable connection to the world wide web...


My Problems so far:

not every system could be imported into Launchbox at the moment. I import the whole folder and after the long long long process I look how many games are in LB and how many do I have in Rocketlauncher. For example Sony PSP: LB 498 and RL 972 OR Game Boy LB 837 and RL 857. Some Systems shows a failure while I tried to import them or only took 47 instead of over 800 GameCube Games.

Downloading Media Files mean nothing else will work or can be done within this system. Biggest Issue on that, importing media files took half of a century of time...why? why not multitasked those things. more than one file at once could be downloaded, more than one thing could be import into LB at the same time.

After downloading just a few artworks and videos I have no idea why I need so much of them. there is no preview for those files so I decided to download everything. But how can I delete not needed files within LB? please don't tell me that I can go into the explorer and delete it manually (workflow? comfort? easy to handle system?)

I tried the clean up artworks function, while I only had one system with artworks, and 12 systems in LB. nearly zero Artworks are in this system but for just the half of the progress bar LB already took more than 60 minutes so far.

I can understand that make that system efficient and faster in the background no one would care that because those things doesn't have any eye candy effects but that are things that are very helpful in the future AND for new users at all.

now we have the time to make LB big while HS is already a sleeping beauty or walking dead. I will not think about that moment HS will get that long time ago mentioned rumor about having a update or a real version 2.0.

usability is the key and not eye candy stuff... and for sure not that point to have a new real version every two weeks

best regards that critical hated


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I won't get into a debate here at all but if you want to talk about the importing process of Launchbox compared to Hyperspin there is no comparison at all. They are handled in 2 entirely different ways, in Launchbox the actual importing takes longer because of all the scraping and artwork downloading but you do not have to worry about rom naming. Hyperspins import process itself is fast but you have to all the prep work of downloading correctly named roms or renaming them, then you have to download the art packs and match their names to the roms or rename your roms to match the art.

You are comparing apples to oranges in terms of importing processes.

Now of course if you already have a HyperSpin art collection you could speed up your game import process into Launchbox by telling it not to scrape for art work and then using your HS art after.

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49 minutes ago, Chris Kant said:

Hahaha far from yes

You're right my bad. That was Chris Upchurch.

 But to echo what lordmonkus said, all of your concerns seemed to be centered around the things you chose to import. There are plenty of options to reduce the amount, or not import any artwork, and then the importing of huge systems is just as quick as HyperSpin, not to mention it creates an xml for you as opposed to having to insert an xml and then match your games to it. You also seem to ignore the fact that the import process is a one time setup, and after that, it's done. 

I don't see any reason to compare the two front ends but:

Did Hyerbase release yet? I know for a fact you can't preview media in Hypersync. On top of that, it's a platinum only service, IE paid service. 

Yes, you can import every system into launchbox. 

Launchbox and rocketlauncher are now designed to work together. If you're seeing different numbers of games , it's because you didn't utilize the LB plugin correctly in Rocketlauncher. 

If you don't want extra artwork, don't download it.

The list goes on. It isn't that I mind critiques, especially considering the LB dev is active AF, it's just that yours aren't good.


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If your games are sanely named the import process should be easy enough and depending on how many games you are importing along with your internet the actual time will vary but they should import just fine.

If your games have some insane naming scheme it could throw off the database checks.

Start with small batch imports first to test things. I know in Brads tutorial videos he uses the Import tool from the menu at the top of Launchbox but I just go to my roms folder and select my roms and drag them into LB and it starts the import process.

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If you are importing a large collection the scraping metadata and downloading the art can take a long time with Launchbox yes, but with HyperSpin you are spending the same if not more time up front collecting and renaming for HyperSpin to use.

If you are running into issues of games not scraping any data at all then it is most likely your rom names are completely jacked up. Launchbox does not require a hard and set name but it does need to be reasonably named for the scraper to match it to the database.

I have setup and used HyperSpin in the past but found it extremely cumbersome to learn and manage a collection. It requires a great deal of prep work in the collection and naming of art which is both time consuming and tedious work. Launchbox shifts that time to the actual import process where you can just do something else while the import happens.

Again though, if you already have art work and media files you can tell Launchbox to skip the media scraping and this will cut the import process dramatically. After the import process is done you can either tell LB to look for the media files wherever you have them on your drive or you can move them into the appropriate folders within LB.

If you have questions feel free to ask.

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My import of Arcade (using the 0.181 release) will take a while so usually do the update without downloading images.

While importing you cant do much else, which has gotten better with newer versions. If you already have the images handy just drop them in the correct folder if romname is the same as the image name..

For smaller system I import with images from start, I also have an account at emumovies. Since you already seem to have hyperspin working I presume you have all the images and movies?

For another question, WTF is synchronized internet cable?

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