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Purchased License, registered under wrong name


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Hey there,


Purchased launchbox through Amazon, as I figured it would be quicker than digging my wallet out and jazz, and the email on my amazon account is registered under my wifes name. When I boot up bigbox, it shows 'Licensed to WifesName'. Can I edit the license.xml to change this, or can I have one corrected? Even having it removed from view would be terrific.


I shot an email to support over the weekend, but haven't received anything back. Was unsure what sort of turn around we'd be looking at, so figured posting it here too couldn't hurt.



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The email to support is your best bet here. Editing the name in the license file will break the license so it won't work anymore if tampered with. Also the name won't be removed from those screens either, it is there for a reason and is the same for everyone who has bought a license. I would just hold tight for a couple of day's for a reply to your email as i don't know how busy support is at the moment.

I will tag @Jason Carr here just in case he see's it and can help you out. 

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12 minutes ago, tayda112 said:

change the display name in Big Box xD

If you need to change your display name in Big Box like I did, Jason (The developer) suggested you email - support@unbrokensoftware.com . 


I'd guess you may have a hard time getting a response in this thread as my issue was resolved. Good luck!


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