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FBA or Mame


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4 minutes ago, lordmonkus said:

I pretty much use stand alone Mame for the vast majority of stuff but I do use the FBA Retroarch core for NeoGeo and some of the Capcom CPS stuff depending on my mood.

The reason I use stand alone Mame for most stuff is the HLSL shaders, they simply work better with vertical games than Retroarchs shaders.

Agree'd on the HLSL shaders. I have been debating on rebuilding my Arcade set up. I could pull my vertical shumps from mame and use the stand alone just for it, or go full mame. I would leave Neo Geo alone since its perfect as is (to me anyways) on the RA core.

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MAME would be great for all of them really, it's just a legacy issue from me having all these roms and running them on FBA on my Wii and just moving them over when I got LaunchBox. I do like the ease of setting up per game configs for my fighting games in RA and I prefer the RA shaders, so there's that.

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10 hours ago, mothergoose729 said:

Are there some games that FBA emulates better than MAME? Why use FBA at all?


Genuinely curious. 

FBA is much easier to find a rom set for, in my experience. It has way less of the bloat Mame does but has lots of missing games I wanted. I started out with a FBA set and filled in what I wanted with Mame. Now I am deciding if I want to completely rebuild my whole set around Mame instead of FBA with the exception being the CSP games and Neo Geo.

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