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Attract Mode Memory Leak


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Hello! I'm new to Launchbox, and am so far enjoying it a lot. I have one problem though, and it's a memory leak that slowly occurs while attract mode is running. I've been doing a lot of testing and troubleshooting and just cannot nail the cause.

First, my machine specs:

  • Intel i3-2100 3.1GHz
  • 8 Gb RAM
  • Geforce GT 710
  • Seagate Barracuda 250gb HDD
  • Windows 10
  • Launchbox 7.12 Beta 1

What I've tried:

  • Reinstalling Launchbox
  • Uninstalling all codecs, reinstalling w/ K-Lite Community Codec
  • Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10
  • Changing default video player from VLC to WMP
  • Installing an older version of Launchbox (I think it was 7.08)
  • Updating all drivers

The memory leak is relatively slow, but it will crash out over night. BigBox steadily increases from ~900 mb to 6-7 gb before it crashes. As of typing this, it's up to around 4 gb usage in about 3 hours of run time. I've noticed if I slow down how often attract mode changes games, it slows down how much it leaks. If I turn off videos, either the leak stops or it slows down so much I don't notice it within a day's time.

I'm out of ideas, if y'all have any I'd love to hear them. This isn't a deal breaker, but attract mode is so, well, attractive. I would love to keep using it. Thanks for your time on this!


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I fixed this... somehow. It's been running for 12 hours now with stable memory.

Things I've done since my post:

  • Reinstalled Launch box (again)
  • Reinstalled Windows (again)
  • Reinstalled .net 4.7 and Direct X
  • Updated video card drivers.

I think it was either the .net, DirectX or driver reinstall. I didn't see results until after I did those.

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Dam, I just hit this on my HTPC! For the first time, I left my Win 10 HTPC running (like a cabinet) for a few days with BB open and running. 

I just turned switched my TV input to it, to play a game and was greeted with out of memory errors. Things were pretty hosed up, so I had to reboot and then everything was ok.

@Jason Carr , that's pretty nasty bug there. Looks like I can't leave BB running for a long time.

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i'm doing a test now with my htpc with BB running in attract mode and task manager  (with always on top setting) watching bigbox.exe. i'll check the commit size after attract mode is running for a few minutes and then i'll let it run a couple hours and see if it is growing. i guess a few people have reported this. i hope it gets some attention.

i checked the event viewer on my htpc from when i saw it showing it was out of memory. it said bigbox.exe exhausted all memory over and over in the logs. it also said there was a bigbox.exe unhandled exception with .net framework. i have the latest .net 4.7 installed and this is a pretty new win 10 installation with all updates. i'm using the default BB theme and i do have platform and game videos and art.

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My only suggestion would be to reinstall your video drivers, DirectX & .net. I had them all up to date, but I went through and reinstalled them and the bug went away.

Other possibly effective things are my end are running ver 7.8 Launchbox & using WMP for video playback, though I was doing this before to no effect.

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  • 2 weeks later...

So in case anyone reading this thread didn't see the Beta thread posting today, Jason found and fixed a couple memory leak issues in the latest Beta. The most recent fix is probably what was happening for my leak. My htpc with BB was running and I had the TV off. My sound goes through the HDMI cable to the TV. There was a memory leak if the audio card was removed, which is the same thing when turning off the TV that audio goes to. 

I'm hoping to see if the latest Beta fixes this for me tonight!

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