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Joystick issue!


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Ok so currently I have 2 zero second encoder (Bought here), as well as a bliss-box 4-play (purchased here), which is an all in 1 usb controller adapter.  It allows you to use any systems controller on the pc.  Anyway back to my trouble.

My problem is primarily based on the Zero second encoders, as sometimes when I load them they come up as controller 1 and 2, but sometimes they come up as controller 3 and 4.  How do I set these up, so that they don't change.  I would like to set them up so that they always get 1 and 2 and the bliss-box grabs 3,4,5,6.  

I was trying to play mame yesterday and earned of this issue, I then reloaded everything and then I got 1 and 2 again.


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I was just talking about something similar on discord and @JRPGod posted this:

is why I run even my xinput devices as directinput in retroarch
that exact problem
I rename the HID device name in regedit and then create the profile thingy in retroarch for it as a directinput device, voila. I haven't tested it enough with xinput-only games to confirm it doesn't create issues with the controller not being named "Xbox Controller (360) Wireless" or whatever the heck the default name usually is though.
But if you're interested, press windows, type in "game con" click game controllers, find the device name there (I used my cheap-ass Fightstick that I'm pretty sure was previously called "Xinput Stick #1"), hit windows again, go type in regedit, open it, Edit -> Find -> Controllernamehere and it SHOULd give you a hit at System>CURRENTCONTROLSET(important, we don't want to be updating the name of ghost devices) > Control > MediaProperties>PrivateProperties>Joystick>OEM>VID_blahblah_blah in the right side (main section), right click OEMName > Modify > rename it to whatever you want... reboot, and you should see your updated name in game controllers(edited)
this then allows you to map to it "permanently" in retroarch directinput without any of microsoft's bs switching xinput "players" around or conflicting with other xinput controllers with the same name
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I honestly don't know if the above works or not, as I haven't implemented it yet, because I'm concerned it might screw with my xbox elite controllers native bindings in other programs for which xinput is supported. Use at your own risk, in other words. But I do know that editing the controller names in the registry is the only way to get windows to not assign them names on a "first plugged in" basis. 

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I just had surgery to have 3 tendons reattached in my right hand, so im very limited in being able to further explain anything.


I can say it wont screw with other xinput games about 99% sure - xinput doesnt care about OEMName at all.


I cant confirm this is what OP wants though - It'll definitely make retroarch easier for him, and MAME may behave the same since you also choose between directinput and xinput in MAME, but MAME might ignore OEMName whereas Retroarch matches it. The most importanrt thing in these situations is t o make sure u use dinput (even with xinput controllers) and ensure you always plug them into the same usb ports everytime. Its also good practice to regularly plug all your controllers in to their individual ports and remove all ghost (hidden) entries of your devices, these cause so many issues its ridiculous.


Sorry I cant help[ more! when my PT is over I might do up something more user-friendly or at least easier to understand.

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