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Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics


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site looks great. Wixisite has come a long way with their building tools. My only suggestion would be a left and right arrow for navigating games as the little dots at the bottom of the page are too subtle. Otherwise, great work. Good to see you are passionate about this project.

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1 hour ago, dmjohn0x said:

Much better. They definitely make it more obvious on how to browse the games.

Cool, glad to hear it. I also added an Index section that has them all in a list for quick browsing. It also has a letter list on the right for jumping to the relevant letter - not a big deal now, but it'll come in handy later on.

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1 hour ago, Kondorito said:

LOVED the Zoombinis game when I was little!

It was a disappointment though that after moving all of them to Zoombiland, there was no game ending.

Highly recommended! 

Yep, Zoombinis is great. It's one of those games that most people have probably never heard of, but if you come across someone who has they'll probably say "Ooooh! I remember that one! I loved it!" It's actually still a lot of fun, even as an adult.

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Yeah that's one that @Bobinator mentioned to me. I wasn't familiar with it at all. I'm assuming I'd skipped over of it in the past because it has an absolutely awful cover that looks super cheap and does not do it any favors whatsoever.


The game itself seems fairly interesting though, albeit very... strange. The writing has been extremely weird so far.

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Yeah... I was sitting there looking at it thinking "What the hell am I supposed to do with this? How in the world am I going to salvage this?" So I started looking at any other art materials I could find for the game. The CD holder art is actually pretty good, so I went with that. I have no idea why they didn't do the cover art in this same style.




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Zombeaver - If you are looking for suggestions, how about all of the X-Com games and then some of the Jane's simulators like Jane's Longbow 2 or Jane's AH-64D?

I think this is a great idea and will really help people discover some great old games.  Thanks for all your work!  Between this and the PS2 plugin you are doing some great things for the community.  Appreciate your time on these.

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