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On 3/14/2021 at 10:14 AM, RosieTheB said:

@Zombeaver yeah, I'd already tried to play with settings in the Misc > machine bit before updating, which it didn't like. Uninstalled and reinstalled and the drag/overwrite worked fine after that. 

Thanks, will change those settings and let you know if it works!

So did it work then? You forgot to let us know how it went, and to say thanks to Zombeaver for his help. 

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Septerra Core: Definitive Edition Patch is now available.


- Patches the game to use the static recompiled version of Septerra Core (improves compatibility with modern OSes and hardware)
- Fixes cutscenes in Steam version (which don't work at all in that version) and improves the quality of the cutscenes in the GOG version
- Allows the game to correctly run in its native resolution with bilinear scaling to your native resolution as opposed to forcing it to run at your native resolution with nearest neighbor (which looks terrible) as it does in the GOG version
- Custom controller support via Antimicro
- Reshade support with my own custom presets, options (can be modified through the Launcher), and custom bezel (which can be disabled)
- A high quality 600dpi scan of my personal copy of the manual
- ASuite for management

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Hey @Zombeaver I just wanted to drop in and thank you for all the hard work you've put into making these games playable and bringing some obscure stuff to my attention - I just started using Launchbox a few months ago, I saw some of the artwork you've uploaded, and in trying to find some of your other artwork, I stumbled across your website, which in turn has led me down a lot of rabbit holes.

The countless hours you've put in certainly have not gone unappreciated, thank you!

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On 4/13/2018 at 12:47 PM, roy1975 said:

I think I've got it fixed. I just switched the output to ddraw and now it's working. Not sure why since I've used that setting for other games with no problem *shrug* :) Thanks for the help, though!

I too had the problem with the mouse cursor not working in Star Trek: A Final Unity. Going into the games folder and changing the dosbox.conf file to 'output=ddraw' did the trick in case others in the future struggle with it. 

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One old windows 95 game I'd love to see curated and released as an optimized standalone is Beasts & Bumpkins, a rare but very fondly remembered "city builder" in the vein of the early The Settlers games but considerably bawdier (but not vulgar and raunchy).  It's VERY difficult to get the ISO version (or even the truncated ripped version, AFAIK) to work natively on modern Windows because of corrupted color palettes and severe mouse lag but I tinkered with it recently and got the game itself working perfectly using the dgVoodoo v2.78 wrapper (which is a wonderful fix for a great many old games that run poorly or not at all on new Windows versions).  It's my understanding that it's also extremely difficult to get the ISO working with full videos, CD music and no CD check entails additional challenges outside of the game's palette & input lag problems under Win10.

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