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PPSSPP crashes if opening game in Launchbox, but not when opened standalone


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As far as I can tell, since updating to 8.1 LB this is happening, my PPSSPP emulation will not run a game properly, but only within LB... I get a STOPPED RESPONDING error, I've tried updating PPSSPP in case something was corrupted, no good....I CAN right-click a game in Launchbox and launch only PPSSPP and it plays a game fine, from within its own menu....but if I open ANY PSP game within LB I get a crash... (see image)

Anything else I can try?


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1 hour ago, torben656 said:

I am also having problems, I tried to drag and drop my games and it also crashes. Maybe it has to do with the command line?

Same with @Lordmonkus currently on latest beta and just tested PPSSPP 1.5.4 and games loading/running fine in Launchbox. I do not have any command lines set for the emulator. 

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9 minutes ago, torben656 said:

Tried drag n' dropping but still crashes. Also what I meant by command line is the default one. You know, like this "D:\Games and Stuff\Emulators\PPSSPP" "somegame.iso/cso"

Here are snaps of my setting in LB. Nothing special just loaded everything the basic way. No unique setting or command line parameters. My PSP roms are either .cso or .iso. The default emulator check box in last pic is not checked since I also have Retroarch set up.






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