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Sega Ringwide, Ringedge, LIndbergh, Namco ES3 video files


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On 6/1/2020 at 5:40 PM, sucramjd said:

im doing them all one system at a time just uploading Namco ES3 full set now, next Raw Thrills then Lindebergh its on my to do list :)

Cool. Look forward to the new media. It has been a big help as I add more game ran through TeknoParrot.

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Update Raw Thrills video themes, man I think I started with the hardest, hardly any artwork at all for these so I tweaked the first two Batman and Guitar hero, but the others have been made from the ground up trying to follow the cabinet artwork, will be done soon and uploaded :)


guitar hero_Moment.jpg

Superbikes 2.png




dirty drivin.png


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16 minutes ago, Muckers said:

My Fingers on the download button....... ? looking forward to it mate. Thanks

Unfortunatley it's going to be tomorrow now, still got three to do and im on early shifts so cant stop up late to get them done, but definitely tomorrow mate :)

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Hi guys and gals, i'm back after, well to be honest i got bored, while i've been away i built a portable arcade cab running retropie gotta finish it, and played a lot of fortnite, now i'm back with some new stuff for you lot :) 

to be released very soon.



arcade love_Moment.jpg

BorderBreak Scramble_Moment.jpg






guilty gear ac.png

nick nitro.png


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im setting up a patreon on my YouTube channel if anyone's interested in that, I'll get all the teknoparrot themes done and then move on to nesicaxlive and taito type x, then I'll be taking requests, just going to see if there's any interest in it really.

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