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10.2-beta-1 Released

Jason Carr

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@dov_EL I'll note that, but unfortunately I can't go making changes to the startup screens right now. I don't think that's a common issue, because most people aren't experiencing that slow of emulator load times. Startup screens were always known to be slightly finicky, which is why I waited years to even consider tackling them. So we'll have to live with them as-is for now.

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On 10/3/2019 at 10:43 AM, dov_EL said:

@Jason Carr

 have you decided how to do with the volume? A solution could be to add in the options the possibility to choose whether to select only if to increase or decrease the volume in BigBox or even in Game, so they are all happy (maybe).

I just tested for this, and it's clearly a Retroarch issue and not a LaunchBox issue. I went back and tested it with LaunchBox 9.10, and it was definitely still an issue back then, so clearly it doesn't have anything to do with any recent controller changes.

Retroarch just appears to be bugged with the controller shortcuts out of the box. The only solution that I've found is to override the shortcuts so that Retroarch stops using invalid defaults.

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I think RA is focusing on the Android side right now more than the PC, I let it automatically update to 1.7.8 on my android devices and caused me nightmares on 3 shield devices. I had to delete everything concerning emulation on all of them and rebuild everything from scratch using 1.7.7, took me a couple days, was not happy.

Also have had issues since 1.7.8 no longer seeing any of my mapped windows drives. Even done a net use script and it works, but only after PC is completely booted up, then run my script (batch file with RA see mapped drives. Of course everything else on the network see the mapped drives fine.

I see they have 1.7.9 out now and I won't let anything update until I see how other folks are faring with it.

I am a HUGE supporter of RA, but I am not sure whats going on with them at the moment??

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