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Hello, while I was setting up launchbox, I had a few suggestion ideas which I thought would be good to voice.


1. Random game from specific console - Want to play a random game but also don't want to end up with that atari jaguar game? selection under Select Random Game -> "From this platform"

2. The option to add consoles that do not have emulators (for image and metadata purposes) - Want to obsess over your collection completely and view game and console media of console that aren't emulatable? Want to add a console, but don't want to play it? Both cases would be feasible if adding a new console wouldn't necessarily be tied to adding an emulator.

3. Ability to play/autoplay videos silently on desktop (non bigbox) mode - speaks for itself.

4. Option to choose which region to prioritize, whether to prioritize revision vs. launch edition, and whether to prioritize betas vs. full games -

for me, with a full romset, a lot of games launch beta, alternate, competition, or european versions on double click, and i have to right click and select a revision in order to play the full NA game. I suggest adding a way of sorting what opens when you double click the game box, through three tiers: first, which region you prefer, the second, whether you prefer revisions (i.e. "Rev 1") over launch version or vice versa, the third, whether you prefer full versions to betas or alternate versions, or vice versa

5. Launchbox does not accomodate for automatic assets transfer upon changing platform default name, for example I have to go to folders like "videos", "images", "manuals", "games" and move the files from "Wonderswan" to "Bandai Wonderswan", or "NEC Turbografx-16" to "NEC PC Engine." ((I Wonder whether changing "Sony Playstation" to "Sony PlayStation" would  achieve this bad effect - which would mean the name dependence system is a bit too... dependent on capitalization and syntax and other things, especially when "Scrape As" is a thing.)) Should probably A, have a prompt to automatically move assets upon renaming, and B, all future metadata downloads should be to the updated names folder if not like that already.

6. When I try to import my Romhacks folders via import > roms, it doesn't import because it already has the original game in. It doesn't import as an alternate version either. "Force importing duplicate files" is an option, however I tested, and it will import the romhacks that are already in again every time that I add a new Romhack. It should be made to add the romhacks as alternate version with something like "Force importing alternate versions", whever it would import as them, but not all over again when a new romhack is added and a folder is scanned. I could thoretically add new files using 'add file', but it would be nice for people who have large romhack folders, IMHO.

That's all for now, but I will keep posting any suggestions that I come across. Thanks for reading!

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Per #1, that's already how it works. All you have to do is filter your games to whatever selection you want (for example, NES), and it will select only from that list for the random selection. If you want all games, just select all games first.

Per #3, you can adjust the volume control in LaunchBox. Probably not the cleanest solution, but it should work.

Per #4, there is a lot of custom stuff we could do there, yeah. I've considered that recently. It's probably a ways off, but I'm sure we'll get there eventually.

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On 2/3/2020 at 7:19 PM, Jason Carr said:

Per #4, there is a lot of custom stuff we could do there, yeah. I've considered that recently. It's probably a ways off, but I'm sure we'll get there eventually.

I'd love to see the option prioritize the newest revision of a romset, or making the newest revision the standard app. This together with region priorities would enable us to basically create 1G1R sets out of the box.

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