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Switch  v1.0.3
BigBox Theme


Display scaling over 100% will cause alignment issues with the platform wheel banner images.


Switch Changelog:

v1.0.3 (8/30/2017):
- moved the GrilaControlLibrary.dll to the theme Plugins folder, which is an added feature since the theme release (the .dll will still need to be un-blocked before launching BigBox)
- fixed the large outline bug reported by @jamesclarke555 (thanks again for reporting it to me)

v1.0.2 (5/2/2017):
- redesigned Text Games View (thanks for the inspiration @NahuelDS)

v1.0.1 (4/21/2017):
- Dark version added

v1.0.0 (4/20/2017):
- Initial release


Theme Description
Switch is a very lightweight, clean theme that was designed to be as close to the original UI as possible. There isn't much artwork in this one: banners for the platform wheel view, covers for the box game view, and a video snap in the game details screen so it should run pretty smooth on low spec systems.
It includes a custom control library that I've started to build that contains the battery status indicator as well as a separate 12 and 24 hour clock (since we can't change the format of the built-in one without changing Windows settings).
Theme Notes 
* Requires the file GrilaControlLibrary.dll to be un-blocked before launching BigBox. Make sure to do this for both the light and dark versions of the theme.

* Utilizes the font Oxygen-Regular, which is included in the root theme folder. Install it before running this theme.

* Designed for 1920x1080. I can't guarantee it will work at any other resolutions (really only the platform wheel), even in the same aspect ratio, because of the margin that is applied to the wheel to get it off center. The box game view and all text views are NOT affected by this and will work at any resolution, although text spacing and some other misc. elements may not look as perfect as they do at 1080.

* Included is a sound pack for BigBox. Move it from the theme directory to LaunchBox\Sounds and select it in the BigBox options menu. It can also be downloaded here https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/467-switch/

* I've included some extra buttons and controller images along with the .PSD and .AI files to edit them if you feel the need. The extras can be swapped out to fit your system by simply copying them from the extras folder to the core image folder and renaming them. The file names have to match what's in the XAML, so you'll need to overwrite or delete the ones you are changing. Filenames are controller.png, play_button.png, and back_button.png.


Alternate Versions

1280x720 GPDWin focused version (video replaced with screenshot):



1280x800 Tablet focused version (video replaced with screenshot):







LaunchBox Big Box 4_21_2017 7_50_40 AM.png

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Switch Changelog:

v1.0.1 (4/21/2017):
- Dark version added

v1.0.0 (4/20/2017):
- Initial release

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love clean, simple designed themes... and this is the bees knees.

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Its a great work, congratulation.
Can you give it to me the psd files of the plateform image please.
I need it to make somes plateforme like ScumVM.

Thank you for your help 

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I love this theme so much, my Retropie even sports it now as its main theme. Simple and looks fantastic. Thank you @Grila

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Absolutely incredible theme. Clean, fast, and looks just as good for systems you don't have a lot or any art for. I wish the Switch had a signature loading screen, I'd turn it into a fade screen for Rocketlauncher. Also need to get some uniform bezels in different aspect ratios to complete the experience. Again, awesome work, awesome theme!

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Dan Patrick

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This thing is literally incredible! I love the addition of the sounds. The font is dead on and so beautiful. I never used big box mode until i saw this theme on a youtube video from Beatemups. I love this thing. I know this may be difficult but i'd love to see a version that scales well to 4k. The text honestly looks fine but like you mentioned, the wheel acts funny and its off. 1080p does look great though! I am a huge fan of this theme and it's the one to finally make me take my setup to the next level! Thanks for all the effort


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Very great work, as always !

Thanks buddy

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· Edited by nathenxbrewer


Good looking theme! I am having the Platform Wheel issue you mentioned, however, my Display is set to 1920 x 1080 and at 100% zoom so I'm not sure how to resolve this :(


BigBox_Switch Theme Screenshot.png


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What a great theme. This is just beautiful. Great Work man! Very clean and smooth and makes this whole thing feel like a store bought console. Love it!!!!

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