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  1. Same case here. Would it be possible to request this feature for a future update?
  2. Yeah, I wish this would be possible. It's annoying as hell. Everytime I have to change a title in LaunchBox, I have to go back and rename all the images por that specific game... otherwise RetroArch doesn't display the thumbnails.
  3. Wow... this is exactly what I needed! Great feature. I will test it right away. Thank you soo much!!!
  4. I'm still waiting for this feature to properly use LaunchBox. Don't get me wrong, LaunchBox is really nice... but without DAT implementation, it's impossible for me to automate the tedious task of managing my collection. Personally, my main issue with LaunchbBox is with the way it imports roms... it still doesn't merge multiple region roms (e.g. "Pocket Monsters - Aka (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)" doesn't combine with "Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced)"). Judging by the feature polls, both the community and the developers prioritize aesthetics over this type of advanced usabi
  5. Any plans on this feature? 😋😋 😋
  6. I have Windows 10 in Spanish, but I use LaunchBox in English. When importing ROMs, Launchbox still uses Spanish for some of the fields. See attached pic.
  7. @Lordmonkus I'm glad you like the covers I've made . I mainly try to use the Japanese box art just to keep things fresh. The ones you made look really good! Now I will have to update my MSU1 library just to use them. The Gradius III and SFII The New Challengers covers look spot on!
  8. I made a few covers this past week
  9. Yes, I understand what you mean, maybe it would be better as a separate plugin. Anyway, thanks for considering it! Maybe someday we will see it implemented
  10. @fraganator Thank you so much for implementing that option. I haven't had any issues with it, it works perfectly! Since this plugin acts as an intermediary between Launchbox and 7zip.... would it be possible to select manually which file to launch? That would be really useful for users that have complete merged romsets. e.g. when you launch the following 7z file: A list prompt appears which gives you the option to select which rom to launch. With the lastest updates, Launchbox has implemented something similar with "additional applications", but the scrappe
  11. I leave these templates in case someone wants to make more covers with this layout.
  12. Last year I made these covers for a couple of MSU1 games.
  13. I really like this plugin, it works really well. Thanks for making it, it's exactly what I needed! I would like to know if there is possible to set FilePriority per Platform within the same Emulator. For example: I use the same emulator (Retroarch) for both 3DO and TurboGrafxCD. But I need different file priorities for each platform, ".iso" files for 3DO and ".cue" files for TGCD I could achieve this using two different emulators within Launchbox: Retroarch (3DO), Retroarch (TGCD). But I much rather prefer to have every platform under one single emulator entry.
  14. Perfect! Just like I wanted I really appreciate your hard work, thanks!!!
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