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  1. right click on your rom and set your emulator and all options should be selectable
  2. has anyone got a good config that fixes the ghostig issue with head hunter redemtion? i tried using the offsets but cant get it right? mine looks like the above video. Thanks
  3. problem with themes is im a novice and cant really code or know where to start, i mean if there was a onscreen gui type thing to allow easy theming then i would spend the time and place where i want say my console logo , what png/jpg to use for what platform and where i would like to place my launchbox 2d cover, clear art and loading symbol/text on screen. pehaps maybe in the future that aspects of customizing be made easy for novice''s and noobs liek myself who want to standout and make there own vision but without the tech know how of some of these coding gods who reside on the forums
  4. hey jason, is it possible to have system specific or better yet eaxh xml playlist specific launchscreens, i dont want to crowd my harddrive space with fanart etc, and would simply like a single image background of say each platform and possible clear logo/boxart with a loading logo or different font to what is currently availible? im a novice at bigbox so if the above is already in play please excuse my noobiness
  5. i get a black screen with pcsx2 latest dev build, i need to mouse click on screen for picture to show
  6. first off i want to say thanks for this great theme, i have followed all notes but i cannot get my video snaps working, tried vlc/media player options in bigbox, i dont know what im doing wrong? ive even edited the xml with " <ForceGamesDisableBackgroundVideos>false</ForceGamesDisableBackgroundVideos> <ForceGamesEnableBackgroundVideos>true</ForceGamesEnableBackgroundVideos> <ForcePlatformsDisableBackgroundVideos>false</ForcePlatformsDisableBackgroundVideos> <ForcePlatformsEnableBackgroundVideos>true</ForcePlatformsEnableBackgroundVideos> " ive tried media player and vlc, but i cant get video snaps working with your theme, when i swtich themes other themes play video snaps so im unsure what im doing wrong?
  7. just to update mame core in retro arch is functioning properly with 4 player support for kov and kovplus thumbs up retroarch libretro & mame team thank you mame core 0.204
  8. keep up the great work, looks awesome
  9. any of you guys know how to get the 4 player option for this game to work, im using the latest 0.204 mame set and newest mame and still nada. i can confirm that fba settings stick but mame does not. any insight or explanation as to why i cant get 4 payer working? Thanks
  10. kenny its the drivers, i reverted back to 411.63
  11. use the kronos core its awesome make sure you set resolution mode to x16
  12. download the mame_libretro core in the core updater make sure you have the correct 0.203 rom set and bios''s your roms and bios files need to be in the same folder i scaned my roms into launchbox first then added my bios after for example igs games need the pgm.zip bios launch say knights of valour it will look really blurry at native resolution but heres some tweaks if you go into the game options i tweaked the below resolution and alternate render method the resolution stretched out my image to how i like to cover my 4k screen with no slowdown make sure you save the settings per game and the final result ps i couldnt screen capture the images in fullscreen with the printscreen so i had to go into windowed mode aand there was a slight framerate dip as i had other programmes in the background to make this guide. i hope this helps others. ps i choose retroarch other mame/mameui,arcade64 becuase when you use multiple pads i prefer retroarchs interface as it auto configs them its more plug and play.
  13. just to update the thread incase anyone else suffers the same issue, i reverted back to 411.63 drivers aand all is well no black lines
  14. bezels arer not really of a importance for any system after the 32bit generation psx, saturn etc, i do not use bezels at all i prefer a) native widescreen or b) a stretched image to cover the entire screen. start up sreens to mainly transition between launchbox/bigbox and actual start of game with possible info displayed while you wait for that to happen. a custom timer to allow users to fine tune for each system/emulator ... as everyones setup differs ssd/harddrive/network drive that timer will vary so a easy way to set it. pause screen - most consoles have a pause already builtin so i assume this is handy for arcade titles? not sure what to think of it. loading screen between transition of selecting game then waiting for emulator to load, load up say cache etc (ps3, wii u ) etc is more important to me and how i use launchbox
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