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  1. kaichou

    Nvidia Shield Controller Settings

    So I finally did some more trouble shooting. What I figured out was that I needed to get the virtual here software connected up between the PC and the shield first. Then stream to the shield. Works just fine then. So happy to get this going. I'm now working in the Wii controller. Got it working sometimes. Connecting Bluetooth devices is always annoying. Anyways, I just wanted to update the thread so someone else could benefit, and to thank you for your help!
  2. Hey eXo, Sorry, I just found your Discord @ https://discordapp.com/channels/454359114601201666/454373903146680333 so saw your latest updates. last update here I saw on the release date of eXoDOS was September, any updates on when v4 is coming out? As well on win3xo? Thank you for all the effort you and others have put into this.
  3. kaichou

    Nvidia Shield Controller Settings

    Thanks Iggy (Ignasius?), I'll try to reply to each of your points. -My Xbox 360 controller connects to the Xbox USB receiver, which plugs into the Sheild. -After each troubleshooting step, I reboot the computer. No progress thus far. -it's not emulators that is detecting it as player 2, it's the center circle on the controller. -Interestingly, before I connect virtualhere, the controller shows player 1. When virtual here connects, it swaps to player 2. -I tried removing the files you mentioned, rebooted, no avail. -I'll try that program you mentioned too see what's going on. -I do have steam -I've tried reinstalling the controllers I'll try more as I have time
  4. kaichou

    Nvidia Shield Controller Settings

    Ok, I've setup virtualhere, and able to connect, but the controller keeps going to player 2. I read a forum post that said to remove rxgamepadinput.dll, but to no avail. How did you get around this?
  5. kaichou

    Nvidia Shield Controller Settings

    Thank you so much for the response! This is much more than I asked for, with the tip on the Wiimote. I had assumed there wasn't going to be any chance of making that work. When I have a few, I'll give your suggestions a try.
  6. So I've setup all of my emulators to use an Xbox 360 controller. I recently got an Nvidia Shield, thinking I could stream BigBox. Well, I can, but the problem is that even if I connect my XBox 360 controller to the Nvidia Shield, it wont present it to my Windows box as an XBox controller. Thus a lot of times, the buttons aren't recognized across the various emulators. My question is, does anyone know of a way (addon maybe?) to use the Nvidia shield to present my XBox controller across the network to my windows emulation machine as an XBox controller?
  7. kaichou

    Playlist Auto-Fill Improvement

    I tried to see if this was already mentioned. Sorry if this has been covered already, or if I'm doing something wrong. I love the Playlist Auto-Generate feature. As an improvement, can you add more detailed filtering? Example, I wan't all the 007 games in a Playlist. I create a filter with Title filtering "Contains 007". I see 007 games, but I also see other games in the library that contain 007 somewhere in the Title. I tried adding "Does Not Contain {generic title info}" that I wanted to filter out. However it appears that additional filters are applied separately as an OR. Thus any game in the whole library that doesn't contain {generic title info}, fills the Playlist. So I guess what I'm saying is, can you adjust the filtering system to include AND, OR, NOT, so that I can say, "Contains 007" AND "Doesn't Contain {generic title info}"? Thanks!
  8. kaichou

    RetrAO Cafe

    RetrAO Cafe is my favorite theme. Been a little bit since your last post (that I can find). Any updates on this 2.0 theme?