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  1. Ok, I looked in the xml files, but I didn't see those lines in your original or the ones I changed. But figured out all I had to do was select all, right click, select refresh selected images.
  2. Hey, hopefully a quick thing. I'm merging this with my current collection, and I've followed the directions I found here. However I need to leave the C64 Dreams folder on another drive for space reasons. To accommodate this, I've edited the platform xml files for the correct path, and so far games and magazines launch just fine. The issue I'm having is that the images aren't showing up in my Launchbox. I copied over the image folders as instructed. Do you know what else I need to change?
  3. Awesome theme! Would you be open to requests for your to-do lists? If so, I'd like to request these: Categories: Developers, Genres, Magazines, Hacks, and Years. For Years, I imagine the Years category, then playlists under that for 1970's, 1980's, etc... Platforms: PSP Mini, GCE Vectrix, Sega Pico, Atari ST, ScumVM, Windows 3x
  4. Awesome set!! I'm working on implementing these now. I see that you have Clear Logos for Collection but no .mp4, unless Playlists goes with this one? I wonder if you'd be open to a request for additional Categories? If so, I'd like to request these: Developers, Genres, Magazines, Hacks, and Years. For Years, I imagine the Years category, then playlists under that for 1970's, 1980's, etc...
  5. Hey All I was searching for an automated way to keep all my emulators up to date. Auto update is annoying when you launch a game, and manually updating things is also annoying. I'm not great at scripting, so I started looking for something that can record clicks to get the general gist of what I want. I found a tool called AutoIT. It has a mouse recorder and programming language to go with it. Made quick work out of automating things like RPCS3, Dolphin, and Citra. However I'm running into a mental block when it comes to things like PCSX2 which require a manual download. On top of this, I can't record with a mouse because the placement of the link is always different. Also it's hard to use the "inetget" function because the name of the file is randomly different every time. example: https://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/index.php?m=dl&rev=v1.7.0-dev-653-g378eccc6e&platform=windows-x86. Has anyone tackled this idea? Anyone experienced with this tool that could help me get this worked out? Before you say to use their forum, I did, and found that they only responded that they don't support "automating games". Thanks all!
  6. Hey great plugin! Can't wait for your successor. Just wanted to ask, after using it to download the settings, how can I be sure that the custom settings files are even being used when I open the game out of Launchbox? Do I need to reference these files somehow? Thanks!
  7. That is true. I think we can circumvent some of these concerns. For instance, naming can be remedied by just have a standard name that is used, then giving an option within a Launchbox Playlist editor to give a preferred name, or custom art. Just a thought. Thank you for your replies.
  8. Hey, hopefully I'm not suggesting something that already exists. Looking at the Games Database as a simple one stop shop to organize and grab media, I think Playlists should be the same way. I've created loads of Playlists, and just end up hoping that the wording I used might match something when I use the "Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos" tool. It'd be nice if there was a way to standardize Playlists, so that I can select the Playlist, and then grab the clear logos/art/video files I want. It doesn't even have to auto add games to it, though that'd be awesome, I can do that manually myself. I imagine with something like this, it could be expanded for theme creators in BigBox to facilitate additional art for their themes. Thanks!
  9. Hello, Curious if anyone knew how to grab the NoIntro information in csv file format for each system? I used to be able to do this easily, but it's been a while and I can't find it anymore at https://datomatic.no-intro.org/ Thanks!
  10. Want to thank you for all the work you're doing. Have you thought of touching base with the eXoDOS guys to see if they could spare time to help? Extra people to help you gather, and custom software that might be adapted to helping you setup your catalog. I know they are probably swamped, but never hurts to ask.
  11. Ok, I got a few working. I initially started messing with Arcana Heart 3. When I use the included xb-monitor loader, it changes the resolution of my screen, but then just shows my desktop in that resolution. Thinking that maybe this was because of my newer versions of Windows 10, I took a look, and it looks like this loader hasn't been updated since 2017: https://github.com/zxmarcos/xb_monitor. I did find someone updating it here: https://github.com/Hipnosis183/xb-monitor, but I couldn't get that to work at all, just got an error. I know that the game works, because if I use Game Loader All RH, it loads. So I think I'm running into maybe 2 scenarios: 1: Windows 10 has made these older versions of the Loader malfunction 2: My copy of the game is slightly messed up. Even though the TypeXtra MD5 shows it checks out. So now I'm reading up about teknoparrot, typex_loader, and others. There is a page that sort of describes all of these (http://www.emuline.org/topic/1459-tuto-teknoparrot-budgieloader-gameloader-all-rh-explanation-and-how-to-install-and-such-things/), great place to glean some technical info, but doesn't really answer the questions the uninitiated would have. What I mean by that is things like "what should vanilla files look like, how to tell if I have vanilla, what do I need to make it work, what does what, why do I need it, what are my options, which is best, etc..". Most videos I've found are the "let me hold your hand, not explain, and heaven help you if things behave differently for you" variety. I'm not complaining, just sharing my observations. It now comes down to parsing through the games that TypeXtra does work with, and the ones that it doesn't. I'm hoping I can figure out what I'm doing wrong, but if not, I'll post what I've done to make them work. Then I'd like to find the HD .exe files. Then hopefully wrap it up and add it to Launchbox. If there is interest in this, I'll try to post my progress.
  12. I've been bothering stigzler too much, hoping the community can help me out. I'm having loads of trouble getting these games to load. Right now games open, and then close. I noticed MS Defender showing that this file "Game Loader Config.exe" is a virus: "Trojan:Win32/Occamy.C"? To be expected? False positive? HOLY CRAP GET RID OF IT!!?
  13. Thank you both for responding. And yeah, I ran into the game loader issue too. Always leaves you feeling like you're gambling. I'll have to add all this as an exception in Defender. stigzler, I ran into the browser issue, but this was coming up in Defender. I downloaded your app here: http://www.emucr.com/2018/06/typextra-v1014.html using the only link that works, 7-ZippyShare. Here's what it found: Occamy.C --> RFIDGod_inject.exe Is that the file you were talking about, or did someone modify your distro? Can you update your download link? All official download links that I've found from you no longer work. Have to say it's awesome to be able to talk to the author. This has been a system that I've been trying to get to work for a long time. You still making updates to this?
  14. Hey twobucks, can you help me out in getting this to function? When I download Typextra, antivirus goes APE and quarantines it. What do you know? Is it a real virus or isn't it? Am I just getting a bad copy? Thanks!
  15. I like the Retroarch Citra core because they allow you to use your controllers joystick to manipulate the touch screen. As I'm setting this up though, I'm stuck trying to figure out how to install game updates and DLC's for it. Has anyone done this before? Thanks!
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