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  1. Hey, the video is unavailable, i have a similar issue where the name is wrong, and i think i could benefit from that zip file method. Think you could either send me the video (if you still have it) or teach me the zip file method?
  2. Perhaps a kickstarter could be attempted in order to fund launcbox for android?
  3. Suggestion: Option to import library and link account from steam, itch.io, gog, battlenet, origin, uplay and epic games. Also being able to add non-downloaded games from either of these services would be awesome
  4. When i rightclick a game, the plugin options are greyed out. Here's the log file AddToGamesDb.log Edit: Upon further testing i found out that the .xml file won't open in internet explorer nor microsoft edge for some reason. It will however open in both sublime and Chrome, but those apps can't be set as standard apps Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do? Edit 2: Upon updating the file to show a more detailed log, this is the log i got 2018-10-25 23:21:34.1571 Error -------------- Call Site: AddToGamesDB.AddToGamesDbPlugin.GetIsValidFo
  5. Will this work with a Xbox One controller?
  6. Have you made any videos on this Plugin? if so, could you link it? if not, can you make a really short one? For us people that read slowly, a short tutorial video would be awesome
  7. Alright! Thank you kind sir!
  8. Thank you very much for the quick reply :) Alright so if i understood this correctly. You're saying, even if i put the video files in the folder, i still have to have launchbox premium to be able to play them in launchbox?
  9. Are video snaps available in the free version of launchbox? And if so, how can i add them from emumovies? Edit: Do i just put the Video snaps in the Videos folder?
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