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  1. I love the coin ops theme, only think i don't like is the marquee 's from multiple system and alot of games don't show correct within the theme (or show the gamebox stretched out). Is there a way to download them manually? I scraped all my games already... thx
  2. https://youtu.be/xPhtQhLkpAk I got it all set up , all buttons are 100% working but non are registering within retroarch or any steam game. Just bought the xin-mo because i had the same problem with my ipac. This really sucks , i really wanted my pc to be used in my arcade cab! Any idea's what i'm missing?
  3. i'm looking for a good and easy to setup encoder to use on my pc, Main platform will be retroach but i also want to be able to play some 2 player steam fighting games. I really had it with my Ipac2! The last 2 weeks i spend all off my free time and i still haven't been able to set it up like it should, so i'm done with that! let me know what you guys have 😉
  4. Does this file also work mame retroarch for a windows pc? Because I'm struggling to get the correct mame buttons to work. If so , whats the path of file that has to get the edit? All buttons seem to be messed up, some do fast forward while high punching in mk games, then run and block are at different places. *headache* Also tried editing the keys through the TAB key menu but some just won't register as an input. thx
  5. Thx, I never heard about that multi-mode , it seems you have to press and hold strt button 10sec to switch mode and a led flash should show up on the board. Problem is the board isn't switching modes. Also holding button 1-5 for 10 sec doesn't seem to work.
  6. Today i already spent countless hours on how to configure my ipac2 to work with retroarch and my emulators. Not a single game works as it should. Could someone point me out? I already seen so many people having trouble but most of them are using a raspberry instead of a pc. Tried configuring the ipac as gamebuttons but nothing works, keys work for the retroarch menu but when loading a core it gets messed up. Maby someone can tell me how to map the core keys. I placed my main pc build in the cab to play the latest fighting games. Hope to find some answers, i'm really new to this, had no problems when using my zerodelay with a raspberry. Guess this is another story.
  7. sorry to bump this up but i'm having a hard time setting op x32cd. I have all my roms in x32 format, tested them in RA and they all work in RA. But when i try to load them in launchbox nothing happens :s Any idea's? All my other systems worked flawless. Yes i have added them as sega x32 cd in launchbox and yes i have the picodrive core to launch the games with 😉 .
  8. hi, i just bought bigbox and installed this as my first theme! It looks sooo clean!!!! So thx for all the hard work u put on this 😉. Only thing that isn't working for my is it won't load any game information (xml file info is stored at LaunchBox\Data\Platforms) . Am i missing something here?
  9. today i installed the Mupen64plus-nex core on my pc but all games are looking like they use some sort of painting filter/ shaders. All shaders are turned off and i can't seem to find a way how to get rid of it! plz help me how to undo it I also tried changing core options for texture filtering but nothing. Even deleting and re-downloading the core doesn't seems to work!
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