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  1. you can start scummvm with a commandline parameter. scummvm -c %your launchbox folder location%\scummvm.ini. basically you can place the scummvm.ini in location you want, even the folder of scummvm it self. the commandline would then look like scummvm.exe -c .\scummvm.ini . does that make sense to you ?
  2. Conditional theming would be awesome in this case. If date is 20-25 december then use… I dunno.
  3. if there are, I didn't make 'em 😛 I've had thoughts about starting those...really.. *whistles*
  4. I'm not aware of any gameboy emulator that will add false colors to the otherwise monochrome games. you could use a SNES emulator and play it through supergameboy but you will lose your save games.
  5. That's what I have currently done. however as a feature it would save future users some time.
  6. I was thinking about that, is it possible to define a different emulator when using a playlist? I thought playlists were sort of like a logical shortcut collection. run game from gameboy platform it will start gameboy emulator, run game from super gameboy playlist it will run as snes emulator? is it that simple? I'm simplifying it for the sake of argument.
  7. how about generating a super gameboy platform from gameboy / gameboy color? is that feasable ? @Jason Carr
  8. did I fall asleep ? since when do atomiswave, Naomi and playstation 2 work on retroarch? regardless the overlays looks great!
  9. trying to stay in the style as titan left it.. thanks @Kondorito
  10. Loveleyas always dude.. thanks a lot. how about a tutorial ? 😛
  11. here's the psd for you franchises.psd
  12. My poor attempt. Thanks for the font. I think he might have used the 3d function of Photoshop...unfortunately that isnt activated on my edition of photoshop. ;( Trying to make a dissolve on the characters so that they alpha blend off the edges...
  13. thats great. but what is the font ? and does anyone know how to make that 3d look
  14. Who made these ? what's the name of the FONT and is there a PSD that I could use ?
  15. "roms" is a weird description for games on this system. these are specialized games that run on windows. So it's a quest for finding the right command line or shortcut and feed that to launchbox. taken that you have the proper pre-requirements installed on your PC allready. Good luck!
  16. the application is command line based, o if you wanted to batch your conversions you'd have to openup a command prompt and feed it. or you could drop the ISO on top of the Exe and it would start converting. regarding your ps2 compression question.. you should search the forum, there is a thread about CD image compression with CHDman. it should still be up, it's a nice guide.
  17. on the github repository it clearly states that the program converts ISO to CSO. not bin files.
  18. on a side note.. those doom hacks.. is that the zerojay hyperspin collection ?
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