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  1. I'm using the Reicast core in Retroarch for Atomiswave and can't seem to access the service menu to change the language of Dolphin Blue to English. I could use Demul but I want to use Retroarch. I'm Using the Naomi 2 atmoswave rom so not sure if that is my issue. I already tried changing the language and region in the core settings but it didn't work. Any help would be great.
  2. Have you tried the newest version of Demul? I'm sure I read they fixed the controller bug, I just haven't updated the info on here.
  3. I distinctly remember having to use a hex editor on Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero to get it to work. That's the only one i recall having issues with. if you're interested there is more info on that here https://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=19169.0
  4. No problem! I had spent like half the day messing with the controller settings and googling for answers. The controller bug was like 70% off the reason I made this guide
  5. Oh man I feel stupid, that does the trick. Thanks, I'll update my first post.
  6. Hmm I must be doing something wrong then, I just checked those boxes and it boots Demul to the splash screen but doesn't load the game or show the ROM list.
  7. Sammy Atomiswave - Demul Tutorial I had a hell of a time getting games to work like they normally would in LB so I hope this tutorial will help people having issues. I sure had a ton and I thought I would try to save some people headaches. You will need Demul .7 the Atomiswave bios (awave.zip) [Sorry cannot provide] Nomousy (optional) Download/extract Demul .7 and place it in your emulator folder. Place the awave.zip bios in the same folders as your AW roms. (there are a few different bios floating around, the 1st one I tried didn't work.) Import your ROMs into Launchbox and choose Sammy Atomiswave as the Platform then let LB do its thing. Run the Demul exe and we need to configure the Bios and Plugins. I left everything alone except "Roms and Bioses Paths". Click add and find the folder that has your ROMs and select it. Next in the Menu bar go to config then video, choose your desired window resolution and if you want it, tick start in fullsceen (more on this later) and click OK. If you want to play any lightgun games go to config then Maple Device Manager and under PORT A click on the controller drop down menu then either choose Lightgun or Mouse. (mouse works better for me). Now the Doozy for me was getting a controller to work properly because there is a bug that always registers a "JOY0_ANL3_KEY" press but there is hope! Go to config then controls, to bypass the bug hold down the button on your controller/keyboard you want to program BEFORE clicking the item. For example if you want to change the SERVICE or TEST BUTTON like I did, hold down "S" then click with on SERVICE then hold "T" and click on TEST. The same process applies to configuring a controller EXCEPT for the D-pad. AW games use the "System Board" & "Joy 1" Under the "Arcade" section in controls. To program the D-pad we can go into the "padDemul.ini" file in the Demul folder and enter the values manually Im using a DS4 controller,I'm not sure if the values are different depending on the controller but here are the values I used. The D-pad is the Digital Up, Down, Left Right. [JAMMA0_0] PUSH1 = 16777216 PUSH2 = 16777217 PUSH3 = 16777218 PUSH4 = 16777219 PUSH5 = 16777220 PUSH6 = 16777221 PUSH7 = 16777222 PUSH8 = 16777223 SERVICE = 0 START = 16777225 COIN = 16777224 DIGITALUP = 68157440 DIGITALDOWN = 68158040 DIGITALLEFT = 68158240 DIGITALRIGHT = 68157740 ANALOGUP = 33554689 ANALOGDOWN = 33554433 ANALOGLEFT = 33554688 ANALOGRIGHT = 33554432 ANALOGUP2 = 0 ANALOGDOWN2 = 0 ANALOGLEFT2 = 0 ANALOGRIGHT2 = 0 Auto launch game: Right click a game and chose edit. Click on the Emulation tab. Under Demul click edit. tick "No space befor ROM" and "Use file name only without file extension or folder path" Click the associated Platforms tab Add Sammy Atomiswave as an associated Platform if it isn't there. Add -run=awave -rom= as the Default Command-Line Parameter Tick the default emulator for Atomiswave then press OK when you set Demul to go auto full screen it puts the mouse cursor right in the middle of the screen instead of hiding it. You could move it to the corner manually or just go full screen with Alt+Enter but that's probably not the best for Big Box mode. so its NoMousy to the rescue! Download NoMousy and place it in your Launchbox folder Click the Additional Apps tab Click Add Application Name it Click browse and locate the the Nomousy.exe Tick "Automatically Run After Main Application" Click OK Click Add Application Name it Click browse and locate the the Nomousy.exe In the Application Command-Line Parameters: type "/hide" without quotes Tick "Automatically Run Before Main Application" Click Ok and Ok again and test the game Sadly as far as I know this process has to be done one game at a time for every ROM file. SYSTEM SETTINGS: Some things to note, when launching Demul through LB it doesn't save the Atomiswave system settings on exit(region, game settings, blood etc) or Coin inserts. You can correct this by launching Demul standalone and running games 1 at a time and changing the settings. It's a pain but it saves it so there's that. Most games have a Free play mode in the coin settings Some games have blood on by default, others have it off and you can change it back on without changing the region (except Metal Slug 6) Most games are Japan region by default, again this can be changed Lightgun games MUST be calibrated in the system menu before playing. Go to Test > I\O Test Racing games control weird. On the analog stick up is gas brake is down. Left and right are... well left and right. I hope I explained this clearly enough and this helps some people having issues with the Atomiswave emulation, controllers and mouse cursor.
  8. Thanks SB, I'm using the Nestopia UE core. After a lot of screwing around in the options I figured it out If anyone else interested I went to Quick Menu>Options> then change the settings to your liking > once thats done go the top of the menu and press enter on "game-options file". then it should be good to go.
  9. I'm not sure it's even possible but was wondering if there is a way to make certain games have different overscan settings. I'm aware about all the limitations on the NES with the overscan garbage on the side of certain games and I can fix it (mostly) by changing the settings in Retroarch. When I do that Castlevania in particular has too much of the picture cut off, then I have to go back in and revert my changes. So my question is there a way to have the overscan option on for SMB3 and off for Castlevainia without having to go into the settings each time? I tried the "save game overrides" option and it only seems to keep the last game options I saved.
  10. I think a "Backlog" playlist would be neat. It would help me remember what I wanted to try out/finish playing.
  11. While these dont have the Polish of the other games there still pretty neat. These are all Touhou games I think Super Marisa Land New Super Marisa Land PatchCon: Defend the Library
  12. Well you're in luck because I remembered another one MegaMari – Marisa no Yabou. Blatant Mega Man clone for sure but you can easily find it with google. English patch available too I believe. Edit... I think you need a 3rd party app to use a controller on this one. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  13. I'd say Bunny Must Die is obscure but apparently (had no idea) it's on steam now. Its a pretty neat Metroidvania. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  14. Psycho Waluigi and Toadette Strikes Back look top notch. This one isn't out yet but I think any Mega Man X fan owes it to them self to keep up with Mega Man X corrupted.
  15. Woah, I was literally just looking to see when this was gonna come out a few days ago. I've had their Steam greenlight page bookmarked forever!
  16. Apparently my Nvidia drivers were the culprit. I installed Geforce Experience a week ago and I guess it gave me iffy driver. after a manual driver install all is running smooth. Thanks you for all your help lordmonkus!!!!
  17. Audio driver is Xaudio and im using the stable 1.3.6 build. Reguarding Snes I tried multiple cores because i was in the same line of thinking with it being taxing but even on the SNES9x core was having the same sound issues.
  18. I have not changed them until was googling for solutions. My audio latencey is set to 64 and frame delay to 0. I didn't notice a difference by changing with those numbers unless it was I went to low on AL which made it alot worse.
  19. I've never had an issue until now but when I try to play any games there is some slight stutter/crackle every so often in the music/sound. I can't recall changing any settings to do for it to do this but it's driving me crazy! I've tried SNES, NES, and Sega Genesis systems with different cores and i having the issue on all of them. specs for reference: Windows 10 i7 16gb RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
  20. For those interested I figured it out. I got different dumps of the games and had the same thing happen. I found a different Bios file and all is well now thanks for y'alls help.
  21. ok, and thanks for the help.
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