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  1. When setting DOSBox to Machine Type: VGA Only it actually sets the .conf file to “machine =vga” instead of “machine =vgaonly” This doesn't function in DOSBox anymore. I don't think DOSBox used the "vga" setting since version .70
  2. I've changed my name on the forums but I don't see a way to change my username on the database. Could an admin please help? Thanks!
  3. I just noticed the plugin doesn't seem to be updating the custom field anymore. I have new high scores on a couple games, but the scores haven't changed in the game details panel. It still has my old scores there. It's also not showing scores from games that save high scores that I've played for the first time and set a high score. I have LB 11.6. Thanks for any help! ?
  4. Awesome. That's what I thought, but wanted to make sure. ?
  5. My savestates have stopped loading on game start. I hope this isn't something wrong with my MAME installation and it has been disabled by the Community Highscore addition.
  6. Yeah, no problem, I understand. ? I just didn't want readers thinking that 10.9 was a magic fix.
  7. I stand corrected. Still the same problem. Looks like it's only during the first scroll through, until everything is cached.
  8. Does everyone have this problem or is it a certain combination of things (hardware/software)? If I can change my configuration of Windows settings to use the new theme I definitely would, instead of reverting to an older one. Thanks for the info, guys! ?
  9. It acts exactly like a dirty mouse wheel sensor while scrolling in LaunchBox 10.8 with the new default theme, bouncing back a few lines with every scroll. This isn't a mouse wheel problem though, I checked for dust or fuzz, and it doesn't happen while using any other software or window. I'm using a Logitech G600 with Logitech Gaming software version 9.02.65 Thanks in advance!
  10. When I try to search for metadata for any game I have an error about connecting to Wikipedia in the dropdown list. I'm not sure if I always had the problem from the start of using 10.7 or if it happened sometime during using it. Figured it was just a glitch that would work out with 10.8, but it's still happening. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance! ?
  11. I agree. With ScummVM being a platform, games have to be listed with their true platform in their name. Maniac Mansion would have a few variants. Ex. Maniac Mansion (MS-DOS v1), Maniac Mansion (Commodore 64), Maniac Mansion (Amiga) Maniac Mansion (FM Towns)... and so on.
  12. I set up this batch file that I use for running my FM-Towns games through Unz. Maybe someone would find it useful here. I have the batch file in the same folder as Unz, and set it (the batch file) as the emulator. Then it should mount the cd images correctly and unmount them after you close Unz. Unz for LaunchBox.bat
  13. I never knew this was implemented at all. I was going to suggest it because it's a great idea. ? Glad it's going to be re-implemented.
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